29 January 2011

To My Favorite Professor

His students and colleagues can attest to his greatness. His genius is unparalleled. His passion for Taxation Law is astounding. His unique style of teaching is unmatched.  He is legendary -and that's not an exaggeration.

I consider myself very lucky to have Professor Sababan as my professor. I truly admire his brilliance. He's the reason I fell in love with Taxation Law for the first time. From a scaredy cat student, he showed me the unappreciated beauty of  "the of the most feared subject in the field of law."  He mixes his lessons with twists of funny jokes, Philippine geography, history of music, and the sport of cockfighting. His lectures and recitations were always serious and insanely hilarious at the same time.

He has a unique way of pushing his students to study, which I can describe as a mix of a joke and reverse psychology:

Professor Francis Sababan.
"Hoy Boy George! (refering to me) Isusumbong kita sa tatay mo. Hindi mo pa naiintindihan ang batas na 'to! Kung anak lang kita, ginugulpi kita para magaral ka! Palibhasa, ang bait ng tatay mo kaya hindi ka niya sinasapok. (The whole class erupted in laughter). Ayusin mo! (More laughs.)

He motivated me in ways he doesn't even realize. I was 100% present in his class.  I would study his book day and night until I understood the topic.  He brought out the best in me, that is why when I passed his tax 1, it was really fulfilling.

Prof. Sababan spent the last weeks of his life for  his students. After being released from intensive care unit two months ago, instead of taking a leave, he immediately went  back to teach in our advance review classes.

In his last class lecture in our tax 2, he taught the value of appreciating one's parents for their sacrifices for  supporting us in our study of law. He explained that success in law school is not brought about by  social status but by perseverance and determination. If I had known that day  was the last day I'd see Professor Francis Sababan, I would have hugged him, and thanked him.

Today is a day of mourning  for the field of legal education.  Professor Francis Sababan passed away at one o'clock  this morning (1:00a.m) from complications caused by diabetes.

Taxation Law will never be the same without you sir. We will miss you.  I promise to read and understand your book, the  codal, your notes, and your recorded lectures if this is the only way I can thank you.

Farewell to you sir and may you rest in peace.


khantotantra said...

it's sad that he is now gone but hey, he gave and showered lessons that students will remember and should remember.

rah said...

Oo, tama ka diyan sir, nakakahinayang lang talaga, kasi siya ang pinakamagaling, tas na deads pa.

Roni Flores said...

naiyak naman ako dito. ang ganda ng last lecture niya sa class niyo. you are very blessed to come across such a great professor. :)

majojojo said...

dude...WE will all mourn not because of hid greatness...but alos because of his love to impart his expertise in taxation law as well as in life...
he taught us not only to read and understand the law, but also to do good in life...
he taught us a lot of things more than a professor in taxation law, or any professors would do...
he will be remembered forever not because of his ingenuity at wits...but because of the people whom he touched their lives will always remember him and tell the next Sebastinian law students his greatness...
he will be forever be in our hearts, mind and lives...

poks said...

=( kakalungkot pag may umaalis..

di ko man sya kilala eh sigurado ako na isa syang mabuting tao.

he may rest in peace!

gillboard said...

my prayers to everyone he left behind. :(

Anonymous said...

nawala man siya, mananatili pa rin ang mga alalang naiwan niya sa isip ng kanyang mga student. dahil sa post mong ito ramda ko gaano siya kagaling.One big salute to ur great prof.

Layla said...

if only law professors would get 21-gun salutes, he would have deserved it and more.

mapalad kayong mga naging studyante nya.

may he rest in peace.

welladaynne said...

That's too sad to hear.:( Professors who really made an impact to us will always be part of our lives. Forever. Condolence.

pmm012 said...

my condolences..

E•M•O•T•E•R•A said...

May he rest in peace :) God bless.

btw, visit my page you have an award. :)

krn said...

my weak point, is to know someone who was so great and close to our heart died and we all end up feeling sad cos we miss everything about that person. pero maybe your fav prof has done his part and you and all his students have to do the rest.

rah said...

@Roni - oo nga eh, swerte talaga. Ang daming maging under sa kanya. Kami ang last niya na naging estudyante.

@majo jojo - truly master balbas is great. Kakalungkot lang, ang dami niyang natulungan na estudyante eh.

@poks, oo nga eh, lahat naman tayo mamamatay. Pero may mga tao sana na ayaw mo muna mamatay. Isa na siya doon. Galing niya magturo eh. nakakainspire at nakakatakot at the same time.

@gillboard, thanks bro.

@kikilabotz - oo nga, marami siyang naiwan na magagandang ala ala. Siguro kasama niya na magsabong ngayon si san pedro.

@layla - pag nagttax ka na, maririnig mo din ang boses ni sabab sa mga audio recordings ng lecture niya. malaking tulong sa pagintindi sa tax.

@wella - may mga ilang prof talaga na malaki ang impact na nagagawa sa buhay natin. I guess si sabab ay isa na doon.

@pmmo Thanks bro.

@emotera thank you sa award miss emotera :) sige punta ako sa site mo :)

@krn tama ka diyan krn, siguro nga, it's up to us naman to make a dent in the universe- just like he did.