07 February 2011

Sunday Studying at The Fort

bimby window
Bimby wanted to come with us to study at Starbucks The Fort. "Bimby, you can't come with us, pets are not allowed there. "

don't cross the line
We had to cross the empty streets. Walk. Don't walk.

Buy one take one drink. Mine - Caramel. Sweet Pea - White Chocolate Mocha. Tall . Frap.

avril studying
Sweet Pea seriously digesting. Pandaboy seriously focusing.

sb donut
It depends on how you perceive the world. The donut is either 1/4 eaten or 3/4 not eaten.

the fort skies
The skies of The Fort. Don't forget, "Every cloud has a silver lining."  Needless to say, every difficult situation has a bright side. 

7th ave walk dont walk
Job well done. Studied well. Time to grab a bite. Crossing the lucky street.

ayaw ko ng baboy
At Jun and Jun's Cebu Lechon. We ordered lechon pakseo. 

the fort lights inside the taxi
The Fort night light view from our cab.


Will said...

Gusto ko dyan tumira in the future. Either that or Makati. :))


khantotantra said...

1/4 not eaten donat. :D

kawawa naman si Bimby, di nakasama sa labuyan :D

gillboard said...

sarap dyan tambay, tahimik.

pmm012 said...

panalo ung first picture!..

krn said...

gusto ko rin yung first picture. bimby, its alright. we love you. can i take you home? hehehe :)

EMOTERA said...

Ang cuuutteee ni Bimby ♥ :) parang gusto ko tuloy kumain ng donut sa sb. =\ nice photos btw. :)

pusang kalye said...

at talagang kailangan pa pumunta sa starbucks para mag aral ha.lol. starbucks shops are the new libraries in the Philippines. ampangit kasi ng mga public libraries natin eh. kung meron man.lol

Chiz Mozo said...

Ang cute naman ni Bimby :)

RICO DE BUCO said...

youve got nice shots here bro.ako nman model mo next time hehehe

poks said...

ganda ng mga pictures!! wawa naman si bimby..sunod ka na lang sama pag punta na sila ng palengke,hihihi

Roni Flores said...

ang cute cute ni Bimby! :D