30 April 2011

On How To Be Inspired

"To be inspired is a state of being, 
it is a process of becoming, 
it is a way of life."
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Last Friday, after almost a four hour quiz on writing a legal opinion on "whether or not former president Ferdinand Marcos may be allowed to be buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani," I rushed home to meet my good friend Seamus (http://cseamus.wordpress.com). He asked me if I was free at 6p.m. and if I was willing to go with him into a "How to be Inspired" seminar. I told him, "Sure, sounds like fun!"

The seminar was sponsored by the NGO Reintegration for Care and Wholeness Foundation, Inc. It was from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Ugnayan Hall, 3rd Floor Partnership Center,C. Salvador St.,Varsity Hills Subdivision, Loyola Heights, Q.C.

The speaker was Mr. "Dan" C.P. Caballes.  His advocacy is for self-development, family empowerment and parenting. There were more or less fifty of us who participated, a mixed of young and middle aged people. 

Registration was free. We just had to bring food to share. I still couldn't believe that seminar was free of charge. I admire people who help other people through their advocacy.  They have such noble hearts. They are people who truly care.

At first we thought it was sort of a Bible study thing. When we first entered the the room we even saw a man holding a Bible on one hand. I told my self, "If this would be a religious thing, I wouldn't mind." I was game for anything that had to do with being inspired. It turned it wasn't. The seminar was spiritually-centered. (Not religious centered)

Here are impressions of the seminar:

The seminar started by defining what inspiration means.

With sir Dan, an inspirational speaker. 
"The search for happiness is, for most people, directed outward. The perfect relationship, the best job, the right friends, the ideal environment are all perfectly valid goals we aim to achieve. Like someone who stumbles in the dark and gropes her/his way or
even curses the darkness, we may choose to stop and be still for a while and get to realize that we may be holding a candle and matches all the while. In other words the key to happiness lies not outside of us, but within."

"Inspiration comes from the inside. It is an end in itself. Motivation, on the other hand, is more of a goal centered driving force. Motivation is more ego-centered compared to inspiration."

"Inspiration has to do with living a spiritual life. (Which is different from religious life) Although, one can also be spiritual through being religious, one must know the difference between the two."

"To be inspired is not a goal. To be inspired in not an achievement. To be inspired is a state of being. It is a process of becoming, it is a way of life."

"The answer to empowered and spiritual life is found within ourselves.  It is within us, like a way of life. It is achieved by following certain guides and ideas that help us to depend on our own self for well being and happiness."

Ways of the  inspired. The following are true for people who are inspired:

1. Being completely honest with myself .

2. Minding my own business.

3. Ignoring others who are minding my business.

4. Releasing my need to be in control.

5. Recognizing my divinity.

6. Settling my own rules for beingness.

7. Learning to trust myself.

8. Understanding how life works.

9. Understanding the power of my thoughts.

10.Living in the moment.

11.Living my potential.

12.Creating my dream life.

"The key to happiness lies not outside of us, but within."

Photo from http://www.soundoflife.net/

25 April 2011

10 Photos of Cubao at Night

Almost 12 midnight, with nothing to do, Z Pav and I take our chances at Cubao.

The footbridge under MRT crossing Araneta Center and EDSA

Psychedelic Postmodern Pillars

Throw your money and lungs here.

Get out of the way, person.


Small circle small circle big circle

I just love empty parking lots.

Gazebo with neon lights.

Night life with a band at Kangaroo Jack.

Choo choo twain. Train tracks the divide EDSA. MRT2 tracks viewed from an LRT2 train.

22 April 2011

Stopping to Smell the Flowers

Biking through the University Avenue, I yelled at my friend Francis who was trailing at my back, "Hey bro, this is life. This is the shit right here. We are literally stopping to smell the flowers." I guess he agreed with me because we took a lot of pictures of flowers.

These kinds of things remind me that maybe, heaven will always be right  here right now. Maybe, it's not some blissful place you go to after you die and all the religious dogma that comes with it.

bike 287
UP village. Where's everyone? Fasting, singing the pasyon? Watching reruns of the Ten Commandments? Haha

bike 338
Rah:  "I tell you, Jesus will rise from the dead."

Francis, "Who will rise from the dead?" ... Who's that? Nope, doesn't ring a bell..."
Reminds me of She loves me she loves me not... That lil insect right there is having the time of his life.

bike 369
"Dude we are literally stopping to smell the flowers."
bike 373
I wonder why these sun flowers were not facing the sun.

bike 383
More cute flowers. For each flower, her own. Different strokes for different folks.

bike 385
Star flower. The number of petals reminds me of Fibonacci numbers and the golden ratio.

Photo Credit: Francis Pavico.

17 April 2011

9 Photos of Rex and Carla's Wedding

1. Long live Carla and Rex. :)

2. It was my first time to witness a Chinese Wedding.

I now pronounce you husband and wife. Sanctuario De San Antonio, Forbes Park.

Newlyweds Rex and Carla

Celebrity friends Marian and Glen :)

More celebrities: Glen, Mymy, Marian, Lucky, Rahhhhh

"Luck, ano ang sagot sa question na saan unang nagpropose si Rex kay Carla, para manalo tayo ng cellphone." (Photo by Maureen T.)

Carla's father teary eyed.

Gourmet food. 1 out of 11 course meals Chinese lauriat style.

Carla's parents holding back the tears :)

15 April 2011

10 Photos of Ongpin and Manila

Today, my good friends Francis, Jericho and I went photo walking in Binondo. Since it was their first time to photo walk in Binondo, I toured them around since I was more familiar with the place already. I'm so glad to see them again. It's been a long... long while.

Here are 10 photos of our reunion/photowalk:

A view from the Jones Bridge, Binondo 
Quarantine Boat of Pasig River

What's Up Hose?

Gauge of Picture picture oh.

Volunteer at the wrong time.


I wonder how these work. Oops someone's looking.

Curry Dimsum! The star of our food trip at President's Restaurant Binondo Manila. Super Sarap. Fresh, crunchy, tangy. A must try.

Condiments with a smile: Vinegar, garlic chili, toyo. 

On our way home. Finding our way back to Legarda Station LRT

Next up, we are planning to ride the PNR to take us to a  Bicol adventure getaway.


Rah. :)

13 April 2011

9 Photos of Biking

After jogging for a week, I realized it  was time to try another means of getting fit. A couple of days ago, I bought a bike I named Maxxine. Today, my buddy Bey and I biked our way from our house to Project 2-3 to Sikatuna to UP Teachers Village, to CP Garcia to UP Diliman, to Katipunan and back.

He are some pics of our bike adventure :)


Japan japan! Bike for Japan.

Emo biker

Acad oval

Biking Buddy Bad Bey
Brake is to stop: Break is to rest (actually meron siya 30+ known definitions, at hindi pa kasama doon ang phrasal verbs. hehe -(thefreedictionary.com)

My mother soul. I'm so happy to be see her again.

Safety First. Helmet up.

Just enjoying the sunset at UPD.

11 April 2011

My New Bike

Maxxine. My new bike.

I bought a new bike. I dub her Maxxine. I just plan to keep her until I can save enough money to buy a "real" mountain bike, though.

I bike mostly 'round urban streets and pavements. I have been using her for less that one week now. I paid P2,500 for her in a  bike-shop in Kamuning.

The good thing about her is her price. To really appreciate this bike you must go back to the price.  She's cheap and dirty. She's a willing servant ready to be abused.

However, one of the things I don't like is her gears. They are  flimsy. The seat and seat post frequently need to be adjusted. In fact, I always have to carry with me a wrench just to make sure it wouldn't fall out of place. There are some problems with its cheap nuts and bolts, too.

The bike is fair for what it costs. It gets better as soon as you learn how to cope up with its shortcomings on quality and convenience. Don't expect it to survive a mountain trail.  I betcha it will not. It's heavy. The brakes are a bit weak. The seat will torture your crotch. But for 2.5K, it's worth it.

Next. I'll tell you about my new bike helmet.:)


09 April 2011

8 Pictures of Marikina River: A Photo Jog.

I try to jog as much as a I can everyday  4:30 pm. I put on my running shoes and jog intercity from Quezon City to Marikina and back. While jogging, I carry with me my my very very old old digi digi cam cam. Here's a photo-story of what I see when jogging.

Yup that's my feet with my running shoes traversing Major Dizon Street.

I run with children. Yes, mataya-taya.

SM Marikina

Skyline of a jet trail. Is that a boat, ship, or flying saucer? That little white thingy.

Lrt 2 Paparating na sa Santolan Station

SM City Marikina

Buildings in Eastwood

Grabbing a bite at Seven Eleven Riverbanks. Tas jog ulit pabalik ng QC :)