09 April 2011

8 Pictures of Marikina River: A Photo Jog.

I try to jog as much as a I can everyday  4:30 pm. I put on my running shoes and jog intercity from Quezon City to Marikina and back. While jogging, I carry with me my my very very old old digi digi cam cam. Here's a photo-story of what I see when jogging.

Yup that's my feet with my running shoes traversing Major Dizon Street.

I run with children. Yes, mataya-taya.

SM Marikina

Skyline of a jet trail. Is that a boat, ship, or flying saucer? That little white thingy.

Lrt 2 Paparating na sa Santolan Station

SM City Marikina

Buildings in Eastwood

Grabbing a bite at Seven Eleven Riverbanks. Tas jog ulit pabalik ng QC :)


sweet pea said...

the pictures are beautiful.....mwaah:D

ghienoxs™ said...

nice shots!

gillboard said...

i miss marikina. i lived there once for a few months.


rah said...

@sweetpea mwah mwah :)

@fhienoxs thans

@gillboard, oh, ang linis sa marikina. grabe.

fashioneggpplant said...

i love this post. so cool and the black and white photo is so pretty :)