08 April 2011

Binondo Manila

After a long walk inside Intramuros, it was time to expore Binondo. We also got to taste authentic Chinese food.

"Established by the Spaniards in 1594 
 Binondo was the main center of commerce in the Philippines before the last World War. "


This was where we had our lunch.

The food was reasonably priced.
Best seller Chinese friend spare ribs. Must try.

Chicken feet. Yum.


spare ribs dimsum

Black gulaman.


Lucky charm store.

Ang kan tang to quay chong quay chang.

Bad mood si ate haba kasi ng pila. :)

May tourism na nagaganap.

Binondo Church

The original structure has sustained damages from the earthquakes and other natural disasters. The octagonal bell tower is all that remains of the 16th century construction. Binondo church was destroyed in 1603 Chinese revolt. Another one was 1614 and dedicated to Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary. The church was large and adequate for the priests and ministries. It was also here that the first Filipino saint, St. Lorenzo Ruiz, served as sacristan.

The original building was destroyed by a bombardment by the British in 1762 during their brief occupation of Manila at that time. The current granite church was completed on the same site in 1852 and features an octagonal bell tower which suggests the Chinese culture of the parishioners. The church was burned during the British invasion of 1872. Another one was quickly built following the occupation. Improvements were made in the 18th century but the edifice was again destroyed in the 1863 earthquake. It was rebuilt in the grandeur the remains on which we see today. Before the war, it was considered as one of the most beautiful churches in the country. Its bell tower was composed of five stories, octagonal in shape. At its top was a mirador (viewing window). This roof was destroyed during the 1863 earthquake. (http://en.wikipilipinas.org/index.php?title=Binondo_Church)


khantotantra said...

nakakatakam ang food sa binondo. grabe. parang sarap mag dumpling hoarding. :p

krn said...

your pictures are really great. i wish i have the same camera you're using. :)

sweet pea said...

ayun ung miming na hinahanap mo!! nasa store!!! i wanna ear dimsum....lets eat when i get back!! the ube tikoy of eng bee tin is so yummy! i miss that!!

tsalap tsalap ng FOOD!!! i want!!!

rah said...

khant 50 pesos lang ang dimsum kayang kaya sa presyo :)

Krn, D90 miss karen, highly recommended.

Ga, I miss you :)

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