22 April 2011

Stopping to Smell the Flowers

Biking through the University Avenue, I yelled at my friend Francis who was trailing at my back, "Hey bro, this is life. This is the shit right here. We are literally stopping to smell the flowers." I guess he agreed with me because we took a lot of pictures of flowers.

These kinds of things remind me that maybe, heaven will always be right  here right now. Maybe, it's not some blissful place you go to after you die and all the religious dogma that comes with it.

bike 287
UP village. Where's everyone? Fasting, singing the pasyon? Watching reruns of the Ten Commandments? Haha

bike 338
Rah:  "I tell you, Jesus will rise from the dead."

Francis, "Who will rise from the dead?" ... Who's that? Nope, doesn't ring a bell..."
Reminds me of She loves me she loves me not... That lil insect right there is having the time of his life.

bike 369
"Dude we are literally stopping to smell the flowers."
bike 373
I wonder why these sun flowers were not facing the sun.

bike 383
More cute flowers. For each flower, her own. Different strokes for different folks.

bike 385
Star flower. The number of petals reminds me of Fibonacci numbers and the golden ratio.

Photo Credit: Francis Pavico.


Myk said...

Literally smelling the flowers. I like that. Enjoy the rest of the Holy Week!

gillboard said...

ang ganda ng sunflower!

NoBenta said...

tama, ang ganda nga ng sunflowers!

pmm012 said...

i wonder about the same thing about some of the sunflowers along university avenue.. for some reason they're not facing the sun..

Anonymous said...

wow. may bike ka na? sarap, kakainggit photowalk nyo.(or, photopedal?, hehe). galing mo na men! una puro low light, ngayon, nag-mamacro ka na. next target- street kids? o sports naman! (bilhin mo na flashgun! haha)

Anonymous said...

Almost a year late sa pag reply sa post mo. I was googling my name and stumbled upon this page. Didn't know you included our bike-tivities sa blog mo. Awesome blog is awesome.

- insan