03 April 2011

Inside the Walled City

Thank goodness the semester is over. Since it is school break, I now have more time to do some picture picture oh. My law school classmate Ronie and I went to the Walled City to do some picture picture oh. The Intramuros'  four centuries of history is awesome. Here is an impression of  Intramuros the way my eyes saw it. Bon appetit. :)

intramuros copy

welcome to intramuros

DSC_5428 copy
Ready... Aim FIRE!

Just some bricks

Stairs. This is how you climb the walls.

casa muralla real
It's not fake.

The only building of its kind. Made out of newspapers.

Ganda ng street lamp.

palacio del gobernador
Palacio del Gobernador

welcome to the philippines
Mabuhay Welcome to the Philippines


kabayo pedestrian
Para pagtawid ng pedestrian, diretsong sakay sa kalesa

fort santiago
May light nga at the end of the tunnel.

do not enter
Natempt ako, no one's watching eh.

Fountain at the Fort Santiago

purple flowers
Random flowers at Fort Santiago

flag 2
Fort Flag

fort santiago2
Fuerte de Santiago a 16th century military defense structure

fort santiago 3
Sakit siguro matapakan ng kabayo.


khantotantra said...

nyahahaha, ganda ng lamp post ng letran :D

Anonymous said...

this just reminded me what i am still missing out on when it comes to my own country :(

anyway, nice photos :)