06 April 2011

Manila Cathedral

Our photo-walk continues.

After exploring Fort Santiago, we walked  to the  Manila Cathedral to find artifacts of its Masonic history. The evidences are screaming in its facade.

manila cathedral
Manila Cathedral

Roughly translates to: "In Your immaculate heart, consecrate and entrust us"

The facade of The Manila Cathedral.

Ianua Coeli Roughly translates to "Gate of Heaven" The Eye of Providence an ubiquitous Masonic icon engraved on the front door.

The History of Manila Cathedral
Statue of Carlos the Fourth in front of the Manila Cathedral

Walking two blocks away from the cathedral we saw these murals on a vacant lot.

New age mural  artworks co-existing historic structures

more murals

Picture picture oh - by Ronie Ablan

Next stop we explore the secrets of San Agustin Church.


RICO DE BUCO said...

youre photography is getting better. man, im in manila pero hindi ko pa nakikita ang manila cathedral hahaha

rah said...

thanks sir. :)

dren said...

ganda ng murals. nice.

Chiz Mozo said...

OK mag picture picture jan ah :)

NoBenta said...

nice pics parekoy. litaw na litaw ang kulay!!