11 April 2011

My New Bike

Maxxine. My new bike.

I bought a new bike. I dub her Maxxine. I just plan to keep her until I can save enough money to buy a "real" mountain bike, though.

I bike mostly 'round urban streets and pavements. I have been using her for less that one week now. I paid P2,500 for her in a  bike-shop in Kamuning.

The good thing about her is her price. To really appreciate this bike you must go back to the price.  She's cheap and dirty. She's a willing servant ready to be abused.

However, one of the things I don't like is her gears. They are  flimsy. The seat and seat post frequently need to be adjusted. In fact, I always have to carry with me a wrench just to make sure it wouldn't fall out of place. There are some problems with its cheap nuts and bolts, too.

The bike is fair for what it costs. It gets better as soon as you learn how to cope up with its shortcomings on quality and convenience. Don't expect it to survive a mountain trail.  I betcha it will not. It's heavy. The brakes are a bit weak. The seat will torture your crotch. But for 2.5K, it's worth it.

Next. I'll tell you about my new bike helmet.:)



apple said...

frustation ko matuto magbike. hihi. congrats on your new bike. =)

sweet pea said...

hay naku!!!! na fail sa marshmallow test!! anyway, it has flimsy support so always be careful//i want one too but not a mountain bike...just a bike in purple and pink!!! hehehhe

then we can go biking together :D

Leah said...

My bike is Yellow.. Yun ang name nya kasi color yellow sya. hihi.. BMX sya, pero I'm dreaming of having a new mountain bike.. soon, I hope.

It is good advice to always bring some handy tools with you.. Malay mo kasi, baka magkroon ng problema along the way..

Go! BIking mode na!

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khantotantra said...

gusto ko din magkabike. matagal ko ng plano kaso di ko magawa. ahahaahah.

gillboard said...

namiss ko ang biking.

Will said...

Wow! Matagal ko na rin gusto ko magkaroon ng bike, kahit anong bike basta masakyan ko sa village namin.

Sendo said...

i want to buy a bike period! i want to steal yours, ahw. no. maxxine is yours. and she's beautiful! ^^

pusang kalye said...

ikaw na ang blogger na photographer na runner na racer pa!!!lols