01 May 2011

18 Photos of Quezon City Circle

Last Saturday, I woke up at around 12pm with one thing in mind, I wanted to take pictures badly. It is as if the universe heard my prayers, my friend JP invited me to take pictures with him at the Quezon City Circle. These are some of the shots I want to share with you.

But first, here is a brief history of Quezon City Circle. The city where I live.

The site was originally intended as the grounds of the National Capitol to be built in Quezon City to house the Congress of the Philippines. The location was also part of a larger National Government Center located around Elliptical Road and the Quezon City Quadrangle (made up of the North, South, East, and West Triangles). The NGC was meant to house the three branches of the Philippine government (legislative, executive, and judicial). While the cornerstone for the structure was laid on November 15, 1940, only the foundations were in place when construction was interrupted by the beginning of the Second World War in the Philippines. After World War II, President Sergio Osmeña issued an executive order stipulating the creation of a Quezon Memorial Committee to raise funds by public subscription to erect a memorial to his predecessor, President Manuel L. Quezon. After a national contest was held for the purpose of designing the Quezon Memorial Project, a winning entry by Filipino architect Federico S. Ilustre was selected. Aside from the monument itself, a complex of three buildings, including a presidential library, a museum, and a theater, were also planned to be erected. (source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quezon_Memorial_Circle)

There is a mini theme park inside the Quezon City Circle called Circle of Fun. It features rides and amusement which I will feature in my next post.Cheers. -- rah.

quezon shrine
Quezon Memorial Shrine

quezon shrine2
View from the back

quezon shrine1
view from the side

Quezon City Hall

Mausoleum of our Lolo Manuel

DSC_6630 e

DSC_6642 e
Sharp curve

Entrance stamp to the Circle of Fun theme park.

Clown that eats away trash.

quezon shrine4
Kite flying

quezon shrine5
Rah flying

quezon shrine5 dino-2
Inside the theme park a T-Rex awaits you.

quezon shrine5 colrs
Stand here, don't move, earn some money.

The royal family.

quezon shrine 6-2
kite, people, fountain, monument, sunset.

quezon shrine 6-3
Sun setting at the west avenue.

quezon shrine 6-4
Skateboard ollies at night

quezon shrine 6 fountain
Glow in the dark fountain.

quezon shrine 6-5
The monument glows at night.

JPA's photo of me trying to catch a photo of the sunset at West Avenue


Myk said...

The photo of the T-Rex actually freaked me out.

khantotantra said...

para kang nasa saranggola ng japan dun sa nakahiga ka

kikilabotz said...

lagi ako sa circle, laki ng ginanda. pero parekoy. galing lalong gumanda dahil sa talent mo sa photography. astig

rah said...

thanks sir :)