28 May 2011

Photos of Kitchie Nadal

In my last post, I told you that Kitchie Nadal jammed with Novus Luna with MGX at Freedom Bar, Anonas. Her voice is so golden and distinct. Starstruck, I was!

Guy in black: Is that Rah?
Kitchie: I hope so.

Greasy fan boy.

I love this pic. I felt chosen.

Portrait of a Philippine Rock Legend

Novus Luna feat. Kitchie Nadal

So sexy

Singing with passion.

I remember her golden voice in this photo.

This is what you call rubbing elbows with stars.


apple said...

simple yet pretty. =D

pmm012 said...

hope she makes more of her music..

glentot said...

I love Kitchie. I'm friends with her Uncle but I haven't seen her personally. Sana gumawa pa sya uli ng music. I love her song Fire.

BTW thanks sa birthday testi!!!

krn said...

haha 'greasy' that's the very exact term for him, hahaha, peace!

woah! rah, you're chosen! haha! flatterin huh, :D

i like kitchie nadal, too. she's beautiful despite of the pimples hehe. kidding. but seriously i love her own version of ligaya by eheads. kakaiba boses nya. nobody can sing like she does.

Sketchperiments said...

congrats. buti di nagselos si gf LOL

pusang kalye said...

ikaw na pala rubbing elbows with Kitchie nadal.hahaha. nakakamiss sya actually--she's really a very talented singer.:D

gillboard said...

she's pretty.

Anonymous said...

sa last pic, ang masasabi ko: BAGAY!!!! :)