26 May 2011

Novus Luna with MGX: Taking the City by Storm!

Margaux (MGX) and I belong to the same music organization back in college (UP Music Circle). When I learned that she's now part of the band - Novus Luna, I got excited. I told her, "I can't wait to watch your gig!" When she told me they will be playing at Freedom Bar, Anonas,  I didn't hesitate to go. (even if I had to submit a 100 page school assignment the next day.) It was a great gig. They played their latest single - "Ayoko." Kitchie Nadal even jammed with the band. It was that awesome.

MGX with a friend.

Getting ready, checking the sounds.

At Freedom Bar, Anonas

Novus Luna one great band!


Singing their Single - "Ayoko."

"the chord"

Rocker pose.


Red lights.
Rah and Mgx, orgmates reunited.


khantotantra said...

ganda naman ng ka-org mo na si MGX

pusang kalye said...

napapansin ko napapadalas na ang mga posts about music and concerts . magandang practice mode yan. tas fun fun fun pa.:D

thequeenofbabble said...

Love the photos!

Anonymous said...

u can make a great couple!!!! sweet!!!!