22 May 2011

On the Real End of the World

Really now.
In my last post, I showed the alarm clocks I have hoarded to help me wake up early. It didn't work. I turned off each clock unconsciously and snoozed my way back to sleep until it was late in the morning. I was out of control like a zombie.

Speaking of zombies, my mom is now hooked to Plants vs. Zombies. She would often dethrone me from the computer chair saying, "Anak alis. Maglalaro na ako ng Plants vs. Zombie.  Ako na diyan sa computer."

I've finished plants and zombies even before it became popular. With the way my mom is playing, I'm sure she wouldn't finish the game. She's always planting the wrong plants!! hehe

Talk about wrongs. Wrong prediction, ain't the end of the world yet as predicted by Harold Comping - radio host and leader of an obscure Christian movement who started all the loony fuss.

The date of "real" end of the world began ever since you decided to give up on life. The world has ended ever since you who allowed "gatekeepers" to tell you what to do, what to believe, how much to give, and whom to give it. The world has ended ever since you believed something's always gonna get you -- like the "end of the world is near." or "zombies are outside the lawn to get your brain."

The world has ended ever since your only goal in life was to be rewarded a life in Heaven at the expense of living your life on earth to be fully human.


pmm012 said...

Its already 2:06 AM of the 22nd of May... live on you puny earthlings! - live to LIVE life..


Oh, Am I feeling the end of the world right now? It feels just the same as yesterday :)

apple said...

haha! my mom used to dethrone me from the computer chair due to her facebook addiction naman. good thing I have my laptop now! :D

i didn't know about May 21 being the judgment day! haha! are we blogging from heaven? lol. xD