04 May 2011

On Why Giving a Tip Matters

The book and the coffee. And oh, notice my shoes.
Fast Forward:
This week, I received free hugs from strangers.

I received a huge discount on a book I've bought in a thrift shop.

I received extra allowance from my father for some assignments I've rendered.

I received remunerations for a job I was even willing to do for free.

I won money from a scratch card I've bought from a Lotto outlet using  a five cent coin that came from a tip jar in a certain coffee shop.

On my way home last Saturday, after a long day of  photo walking at Quezon City Circle with my friend, I decided to pass by Cubao Expo to unwind. But the thought of getting my self beer did not appeal to me, I was more interested to read the new book I had just bought.

A certain coffee shop caught my attention. Its ambiance was like an exhibit place for photography enthusiasts. Looking around the shop, it seemed there were very little pictures on display. I entered the coffee shop and ordered a cup of coffee. (They only serve coffee and tea.)

After finishing my coffee and reading a few chapters of my book,  I searched for the tip box, but there was none to be found. What I found instead, was a little jar on the far corner of the bar which has "Feeling Tipsy?" written on it.

I asked the barista what the jar was for and whether it was a tip jar. She said smilingly as if embarrassed, "Wala yan sir." and proceeded to attempt to hide the jar. I told her, "miss wait,  puwede ba akin nalang to?" I asked if can have the five cents inside the jar. She said yes.

I took it as a "sign."

I reached for my wallet and put in the jar the biggest tip I've ever given for a cup of coffee.

The barista was very surprised. For a second, she thought as if it was a scene for Wow Mali.

I told her, "That's for you. The coffee was great, thank you. Good job!"

She said,  "thank you sir." with all smiles.

I left the coffee shop learning the true meaning of the old maxim:

It's better to give, than to receive." 

Acts of sharing, giving, serving others, passing it forward, and gratitude uplift the soul and enrich the spirit.

Cheerio! :D

-- Rah.


khantotantra said...

yep, its true na its better to give than receive kasi at the end of the day, it will bring you back with more (not only material things).

Anonymous said...

Wow. What a cute story! :) Pansin ko lang,
1.You really love taking pictures
2.You love reading (lalo na pag classic?!)
3.You love hanging out in Cubao
4.You like trying out your luck in lotto
Tama ba?! And I enjoy reading your stories! :)

San bang coffee shop ito?

mots said...

hmm magkano kaya ang biggest tip mo? i agree, mas masarap ang magbigay.

sweet pea said...

ur so cute!!! i wanna kiss u!!!

i love ur introvert and adorable ways!!...

rah said...

@ anonymous

Yup, got that right, playing lotto is just for charity purposes. If you don't bet, you won't win :D

Thanks for following this blog.

Malaki na for a student. :D

@sweet pea.
Thanks hun. :D mwah mwah.

glentot said...

Wow, imagine mo yung chain of events na yun... a very fortunate day hahaha.

pusang kalye said...

very good week sayo no? actually i see it this way--the way we treat people around us is in direct proportion to the happiness we feel in our heart.when its overflowing---it affects other people as we show kindness to them and the amazing part is, lalo pang umaapaw once you share it. God Bless you~~~~

Anonymous said...

Ako yung commenter #2 sa taas.
Share ko lang, dumaan ako sa World Vision kagabe sa Megamall dahil naghahanap ako ng charitable org na pwede kame mag donate kasi may excess fund kame para sa isang project sa office. Tapos yun, nakita ko yung mga kids sa World Vision, kaya I decided na dun na lang mag donate. may budget kame for 1 child, which is P600 a month or P7,200 a year. Dapat isang kid lang ang iisponsor namin, pero dahil naawa ako dun sa ibang kids, i decided na 2 na. Shoulder ko yung isa. Naisip ko lang, yung P600, parang 3-4 na starbucks drink yun, pero sa ibang parte ng pilipinas, makakapagpaaral ka na ng isang bata ng isang buwan, may livelihood ka pang maitutulong sa parents nila. Yun, sobrang teary eyed ako, kasi sobrang sarap ng feeling!!! Sobra!!! I have the power to change someone else's life! Priceless! Dun ko naisip itong post mo-- It is indeed better to give than to receive! I couldn't agree more!

rah said...

@glentot, Oo nga eh, swerte. Siguro dahil narin nagkaroon ako ng consciousness na bilangin ang swerte ko that day.

@pusangkalye, "lalo pang umaapaw" tama ka diyan, sa mga taong marunong magshare, nagpproject sila ng positive na aura na nakakaffect sa paligid nila. Good vibes :D Godbless din sayo :)

Meron akong inattendan dati na seminar. Sabi doon sa seminar may laws ang universe.

Isa sa mga laws ng universe ang law of attraction -- we attract the things that we want, and another is, the Law of giving. When we give, we receive. If we sow kindness, we reap kindness. Love begets love, kindness begets kindness, a smile begets a smile.

One who gives with open arms, also receives with open arms. :)

Anonymous said...

kaya nga pag kasama ko si RA at may namalimos, tinuturo ko agad si RA. to share the gift of giving, para kay RA ang balik ng blessings. bait ko no?

rah said...

@cseamus, hahaha, ikaw nga yung laging nialapitan first eh, mukha ka kasing mas mabait. :D

krn said...

it doesn't apply to me. don't have any tip to give. hahaha. impoverished me. if maybe am rich enough i'll surely do give a pile of tips to barista. hahaha