08 June 2011

On bands and knowing your best quality.

I love this band  Cansei de Ser Sexy (CSS) because they're a case study in all the things I like in a having a band. I like the way how their music is artistic; and the fact that they show the cool things you can do with your camera; and how you can make great music videos just by unleashing your creativity. I love their music video and the idea that they all died in the end. (above)

I still don't get it why my father did not support my idea of having music as a career back then (ironically, he bought us all musical instruments we wanted). And my mother used to say, "in the business of music, you are just as good as your last performance." But I now realized that may not be true at all. An artist's performance lasts forever. It's a legacy not all people can leave.

I remember what Gracian said:
"Know your best quality, your outstanding gift. Cultivate it and nurture all the rest. All people could have achieved eminence in something if only they had known what they excelled at. Identify your king of attributes and apply it in double strength. Some excel at judgment and others at courage. Most people force their intelligence and achieve superiority in nothing. Their own passions blind and flatter them until -- too late! -- time gives them the lie." 
I want my life back. That is not to say though that I don't have a life right now. It's just that - I want my life back. You know.. my life..back (?) Got it?

I wish someone would direct me to choose a path that made me happy -- someone who would state that if it stopped being something I enjoyed,  it was not worth doing.



khantotantra said...

its funny that right now, i am also shouting that same thing... i want my life back. :(

pmm012 said...

i sincerely know how you feel.. my life back..

gillboard said...

i like that gracian. what he said struck a chord in me. makes me sigh.

pusang kalye said...

hahaha-san mo nahanap to? nakaktuwa sila ng major majot---photography music video/band ito,.ang dami kong nakuhang ideas.kulet lang. makes sense though.lols