04 June 2011

Sister's Birthday

Happy Birthday Sis! @ Yakimix Trinoma. June 2, 2011

bike 072
Rendezvous in Yakimix (sushi, smokeless grill, restaurant) Trinoma, Quezon City.

bike 002
Turn on the heat. Let the flames begin.

bike 003
Avril, Paul, Ryan, Mama, Tatay

bike 008
Eat all you can.

bike 009
BBQs galore.

bike 012
Marco's reaction

bike 013
Happy birthday girl!

bike 014
Can't decide what to eat, so I took a piece of everything.

bike 017
Eat all you can sushi, shashimi, maki, and what not.

bike 019

bike 026
Tsina, yum!

bike 027
What's up, cake? Muffin much. Avril and Rah's gift to sis.

bike 034
The best ice cream ever thought of that night.

bike 036
Tatay, mama, Tsina, Marco, Avril, Angelica, Raah.

bike 040
Tatay, Angelicake, Mama

bike 041
Sister and Brother: Tsina and Marco

bike 042
Condiments galore.

bike 044
Sweet something and sweet pea.

bike 045
Lonely sweet lil thing, "were you scared?"

bike 047
Pillars of Yakimix

bike 051
Kiwi pedia.

bike 054
Angelicake and a cake.

Happy Birthday to my sister Angelica. Mwah.

bike 057
Sis and cuz: Angelicake and Tsinacake.

bike 058
Tatay and mama

bike 060
Chef Paul.

bike 063
Bro and sis

bike 068
Tea par-tea after a sumptuous meal with a smile.

bike 071
Represent! Tatay, mama, marco, tsina, paul, angelicakee, sweetpea, and raaaaaahhhh


khantotantra said...

parang gusto kong ma-try iyan. andaming sushi........ waaaa.

happy birthday sa sis mo :D


Anonymous said...

Sushi! Ok I must admit that I'm not a fan of sushi but they all looked so yummy and the interior look great (the interior of a restaurant has always been so important to me) Happy birthday to your sister!

pmm012 said...

uy, yakimix! haberdi sa iyong sis!

gillboard said...

belated happy birthday to your pretty sis.

Sketchperiments said...

naku sa desserts ako nagbabad dyan noon