31 July 2011

My Second Running Shoes

Short Story:
Last Saturday, Sweet Pea and I went on a date (sumptuous dinner at A Veneto) and did a little bit of shopping at MegaMall. My second running shoes was born. :)

Long Story:
You see, not too long ago, I bought my first running shoes (Nike LunarFly2) having realized how I am starting to love running. After a month of running with my old Nike, I have come to conclusion that it needs an alter ego. You see, ang problem sa Nike, ang bilis mapudpod. While it has really great fit, comfort, and stability, it is not as durable as I have thought. Early on, I can already see signs of wearing.

I was looking for decent running shoes on a bargain to relieve my old shoes; and the brand that came to my mind was New Balance. All my friends have New Balance as their running shoes. It's tried and tested. I also know New Balance is reasonably priced.

The friendly saleslady at the New Balance stall was so accommodating, she let me try out all five pairs that caught my eye. I fell in love with the last pair that I tried.  I told her, "ate, itatakbo ko na to." She laughed and gave me a discount. Yehey!

I want to thank sweet pea for supporting my decision. Wink :D I promised her it would be my last running shoes for the year. :D




29 July 2011

On Yearbooks and Smiling

First let me explain why my hair looked like crap! hehe Keep in mind that this photo was taken in a time when uso pa ang "undercut" na hairstyle. Pero believe me, during those times, super cool ka when you have an undercut. And since I tried to fit in, as in... yan ang resulta. Haha

I never got my high school yearbook. No one really knows what happened to the yearbook and the money that was paid for it. So, I was quite surprised when someone tagged me in what it seems to be a page from a "yearbook."

I don't know why my classmates looked so angas and gangsterish, but I think, just like me, they were also trying to be 'pa-cool.' Everyone in high school was trying to be cool!  Everyone was so insecure and was just trying somehow fit in. Oh those days..

But I have always believed that  there's really no reason not to smile in yearbook photos. There's just so many reasons to be happy and be grateful for. And according to one research, "one's quality of life can be predicted from the quality of one's smile in his yearbook photo." I hope that's true.

27 July 2011

Movie Review: Captain America: The First Avenger

  1. "Steve Rogers / Captain America: Why me?
  2. Dr. Abraham Erskine: Because a weak man knows the value, of strength. Knows the value, of power"

There's a storm signal number 2 and classes have been suspended. Sweet Pea and I decided to watch Captain America: The First Avenger starring Chris Evans who was Human Torch in Fantastic Four. (Talk about recycling movie characters.)

Set on old World War II nostalgia, the story was about a guy whose life long dream was to be a soldier. All he ever wanted was a chance to serve his country, but because he was short and lanky, he gets rejected by the Army. 

certain high-ranking government scientist saw his courage and determination and decided to give him a chance. He was subsequently chosen to become a subject of an underground government experiment turning him into the Captain America we know.

His enemy Red Skull was supposed to help Hitler conquer the world, but having found power himself, he decided to take over the world himself. The rest of the of the story revolved around how Captain America inspired and led US soldiers to be courageous in war.

I am not a fan of Captain America, I don't read his comics or follow his adventures. Maybe that's the reason why I don't have a standard on how his role should be portrayed. Honestly, Captain America wasn't all that bad, but I think the movie lacks the necessary edge to excite the mind of its viewers. It's not child- friendly, neither is it friendly to "people-who-don't-know-much" about Captain America. The story just isn't that interesting enough -- and the special effects - there's really nothing that I haven't seen before.

24 July 2011

Baby Jara's Christening

Welcome to the Christian world Baby Jara. I'm sorry I was late for your binyag as your Ninong.
Like mother like daughter :D
We'll make sure you grow up musically inclined, too. :D You're so cute.

Reception was at Max's

With great food and condiments galore :D

15 July 2011

Music and Life

Something I grabbed from here which already contains all what I want to say. "Now" is where happiness is. It's not out there to be won. It's within us, ready to be found, whenever you are ready to see.

"Get there slower and enjoy the ride. I like how it is portrayed in this video:

Deferring your happiness to the future is a terrible idea.

Too many people presume that when they have that one thing they can work towards for years then “everything will be alright”.
This is delusional.
When you get it, there’ll be something else missing in your life. I fundamentally believe that long-term pure happiness from one particular situation or achievement is a pipe-dream, but we can learn to be content with what we have, live in the now, all while enjoying the progress and changes we are making.
If your whole life is working up towards one really big major goal that you hold on to for years, then you will have a major anticlimax after the dust settles. Work towards it, but stop deferring your happiness."
Cheerio! :)


14 July 2011

My First Running Shoes

I don't own a running shoe. I just borrow from my  Dad.

Sometimes, I envy the shoes of my jogging mates because they have shoes that  are really built for running.

So yesterday, I asked Sweetpea to come with me to help me choose and buy my first ever running shoes.

I am not a brand conscious person, but when it comes to sporting shoes, I really trust Nike.

I have nothing against  my old Reebok, but it seems to me that this new Nike  LunarFly+2 just offers more cushion and support. It has a low-profile, lightweight design built for comfort and to generally be adequate for most paces. The upper forefoot is my favorite. It is said to be built with synthetic leather and a breathable mesh support in order to stay sturdy and cool.

I had the opportunity to try them out this morning and I realized how light it is compared with my old Reebok. The mid-portion of the shoes is very soft and responsive. The only minor thing that I somewhat do not like so far is the rear heel sole, which is a bit lumpy for my taste. I bought it for 3,995Php at The Olympic Village, Gateway. I think it's a bit expensive (given the fact that I survive on a meager measly allowance) compared with other similarly situated shoes, but - oh well, that's the consequences of buying goods with brands.

Cheerio to daily running! :D


11 July 2011

Lesson From My First Real 5k of Running

Had a great run yesterday with Seamus and Sweetpea at the 5km San Beda Animo Run at the CCP grounds. I thought the run would not push through because of the rains, but I am glad it did. The event was a bit disorganized. I can tell because it was not the first time I joined charity runs. It seemed the organizers didn't know what to do this time around. Lack of support from the school? Probably.

I got to run continuously for the whole stretch of the 5km for the first time. (My last event runs were more like "walks" really.) I just had to stop once in a while to drink Pocari Sweat. I believe I've just set my fastest time for a 5k run. My running form was more important to me than my speed. I just wanted to run as properly as I can; and made sure I had enough gas to survive the whole run - and I did. My goal was "get to know my self," rather than racing.

There's no one big common goal for everyone when it comes to running. Some, like my friend Jodan, took up running so that they can enjoy their every meal without guilt. My friend Seamus, on the other hand, took up running to push himself to his limits. He wants to beat his personal record. My brother Ryan took up running just to be fit. He's the first to discover the benefits of running. He's been running as a football varsity player since elementary days.

My mom, takes up walking every weekends in her hopes (for the longest time) to help her quit smoking. My father, while he doesn't run - is a fast walker. I'm not kidding you. He's the fastest walker I know. My sister isn't into running but she hits the treadmill and is into boxing. She trains at the Elorde Boxing Gym. You should see her left hook. Sweetpea, meanwhile, wants to run to show her support for charity.

As for me, I jog in the morning to make it a habit of waking up early. (I was an insomniac late sleeper for a very very long time.)

On the road while running that 5km in CCP, I realized a lot of things:

 First, the importance of training. You can't just go out there and decide to run a 5k. You must train for it. Start slowly and progress gradually.

Second, stretching is very important. Make it a golden rule to stretch first. It is more important than running. It will prevent unwanted injuries. Stretch before and after you run. It will prevent lactic acid build up that may cause muscle pains. Don't be hard on your self while stretching. If you are stretching and it hurts, you are probably doing it the wrong way.

Third, run for a cause. It's hard to keep up the habit of running, but if you know why you are running, you are already half a successful runner.

I still have a lot to learn. I hope to finish a full 42k marathon someday. I know it will take a long time of training before I can probably reach that goal. But for now, I'm just gonna stick to my daily regimen of waking up at 5 to jog. I am not preparing for any fun run or marathon soon, but I'm running because I believe my morning jogging helps me become a better person.



09 July 2011

My Oval

Credit: Words and photos by Jodan Valle. Originally posted Thursday, July 7, 2011 at 9:14am here.

This is where I was first invited to run

This is where I said, yes ok I'll run

This is where I took my first step

This is where I realized there is more to running than just being stuck on a treadmill

This is where I thought of leaving a bad habit

This is where I found my inner peace

This is where I always challenge my body to beat my mind

This is where I felt real pain

This is where I felt that I deserved every meal I ate

This is where I'm sure nobody cares about how I look

This is where I learned nothing is impossible

This is where I learned there are no shortcuts

This is where I shouted at myself... don't quit Fatass!!

This is where I always see a great future ahead of me

This is where I learned to just go straight forward and never look back

This is where I learned to focus on my goals

This is where I made my legs a weapon of choice

This is where I learned the importance of respect

This is where I knew I gained people's respect

...have you ever seen a guy diagnosed by 3rd degree obesity running 5 straight rounds (11KM) for 1:15hrs?


End note: I am very proud of my friend Jodan for making that choice. That oval is really something! I also thank him for being an inspiration to others. Keep it up Jodaman. You're the man!

07 July 2011

Running at the Circuit Beside SM Fairview

One fine Wednesday...


...with Seamus H and Jodan V...

... we  went to the Circuit, a paved track beside SM Fairview...

laced our shoes,...

and decided...

to run...

as fast as we can...

to our limits...

... like the freedom of a thousand birds.

06 July 2011

No Longer “Jogging”: Passion In The Run by Seamus H.

credit: words and photo by Seamus Hermoso of Just Being V.02

Well it used to be just to get fit, or just to get some cardio workout. Some like my friend Jodan does it to spike up his metabolism so he can eat a heavy meal after. My friend RA does it as a motivation to wake up early. My girlfriend aside from getting fit gets a high in shopping and trying out new gear.

Now after more than a month of running every other day and recent weeks where I run everyday, this has become a passion. My above mentioned friends are also feeling the same. It’s no longer just “jogging” or a weekend thing, no longer a casual workout or such but there’s a deeper meaning now with each stride. I now make an effort to run. And I love it.

It doesn’t matter what speed or pace, or what distance I cover. The wind blowing on my face while trying to beat my own time is exhilarating. Aside from the natural high after the run, the sense of accomplishment for the day is always there. Whether training for an upcoming race or fun run, or just doing fartleks, the feeling of empowerment, that I can do more and I can be better for the next run, is enough to make through the day of stress and everyday problems.

When I run, I get to think, clear my head, and when the run is done, I am at peace and in focus ready for the next challenge life may bring. And did I mention it’s a whole lot of fun?

Below is an excerpt from Runner’s World’s John Bingham and I too feel exactly like he feels:

I AM A RUNNER because my runs have names. I do tempo runs and threshold runs and fartlek runs. I do long, slow runs and track workouts. My runs are defined, even if my abs are not.

I AM A RUNNER because my shoes are training equipment, not a fashion statement. The best shoe for me is the one that makes me a better runner. I choose the shoe that goes with my running mechanics, not my running outfit.

I AM A RUNNER because I don’t have running outfits. I have technical shirts and shorts and socks. I have apparel that enhances the experience of running by allowing me to run comfortably. I can say “Coolmax” and “Gore-Tex” in the same sentence and know which does what.

I AM A RUNNER because I know what effort feels like, and I embrace it. I know when I’m pushing the limits of my comfort and why I’m doing it. I know that heavy breathing and an accelerated heart rate–things I once avoided–are necessary if I want to be a better runner.

I AM A RUNNER because I value and respect my body. It will whisper to me when I’ve done too much. And if I choose to listen to that whisper, my body won’t have to scream in pain later on.

I AM A RUNNER because I am willing to lay it all on the line. I know that every finish line has the potential to lift my spirits to new highs or devastate me, yet I line up anyway.

I AM A RUNNER because I know that despite my best efforts, I will always want more from myself. I will always want to know my limits so that I can exceed them.

I AM A RUNNER because I run. Not because I run fast. Not because I run far.

I AM A RUNNER because I say I am. And no one can tell me I’m not.

03 July 2011

Our Banchetto Food Trip 2

Waiting for our Dynamite to cook. It's a giant green chili stuffed with cheese.

Checking out those buns.

Nice grill.

Got balls?


Dynamite and fishballs.

Angelicake my sister.


Krispi Kreme Burger

Burger public display of affection

Krispy Kreme Burger

orange juice

we just can't get enough of Amburger.

We love Amburger fries.

Yum yum

01 July 2011

My Morning Jogs -->

Borrowing my brother's Polaroid.

Waking  up at 5a.m. Setting up my shoes. Eating a spoonful of champorado.

 My third straight day of jogging (last two with Seamus). Walking, stretching ,warming up.

Looking up for signs. I want to jog everyday.

Setting up the pace.

The way to a good life.

My goal of 11 kilometers.

Climbing a footbridge.

to just appreciate the beauty of the morning.

Counting my blessings and hoping  I can be a blessing to others, too.

I know am not alone.

I say a little prayer...

...as the new day begins.