11 July 2011

Lesson From My First Real 5k of Running

Had a great run yesterday with Seamus and Sweetpea at the 5km San Beda Animo Run at the CCP grounds. I thought the run would not push through because of the rains, but I am glad it did. The event was a bit disorganized. I can tell because it was not the first time I joined charity runs. It seemed the organizers didn't know what to do this time around. Lack of support from the school? Probably.

I got to run continuously for the whole stretch of the 5km for the first time. (My last event runs were more like "walks" really.) I just had to stop once in a while to drink Pocari Sweat. I believe I've just set my fastest time for a 5k run. My running form was more important to me than my speed. I just wanted to run as properly as I can; and made sure I had enough gas to survive the whole run - and I did. My goal was "get to know my self," rather than racing.

There's no one big common goal for everyone when it comes to running. Some, like my friend Jodan, took up running so that they can enjoy their every meal without guilt. My friend Seamus, on the other hand, took up running to push himself to his limits. He wants to beat his personal record. My brother Ryan took up running just to be fit. He's the first to discover the benefits of running. He's been running as a football varsity player since elementary days.

My mom, takes up walking every weekends in her hopes (for the longest time) to help her quit smoking. My father, while he doesn't run - is a fast walker. I'm not kidding you. He's the fastest walker I know. My sister isn't into running but she hits the treadmill and is into boxing. She trains at the Elorde Boxing Gym. You should see her left hook. Sweetpea, meanwhile, wants to run to show her support for charity.

As for me, I jog in the morning to make it a habit of waking up early. (I was an insomniac late sleeper for a very very long time.)

On the road while running that 5km in CCP, I realized a lot of things:

 First, the importance of training. You can't just go out there and decide to run a 5k. You must train for it. Start slowly and progress gradually.

Second, stretching is very important. Make it a golden rule to stretch first. It is more important than running. It will prevent unwanted injuries. Stretch before and after you run. It will prevent lactic acid build up that may cause muscle pains. Don't be hard on your self while stretching. If you are stretching and it hurts, you are probably doing it the wrong way.

Third, run for a cause. It's hard to keep up the habit of running, but if you know why you are running, you are already half a successful runner.

I still have a lot to learn. I hope to finish a full 42k marathon someday. I know it will take a long time of training before I can probably reach that goal. But for now, I'm just gonna stick to my daily regimen of waking up at 5 to jog. I am not preparing for any fun run or marathon soon, but I'm running because I believe my morning jogging helps me become a better person.




khantotantra said...

tama na kailangan di mabigla sa pagtakbo ng 5km, little by little dapat sinasanay ang body para di magkaroon ng mga possible accidents/problems during runs.

hahaha, akala mo expert me pero nasabi ko lang yan based from kwento ng iba. ahahaha

Sendo said...

career na career na talaga ang running....curios ako sa lasa ng pocari sweat..nagiguilty nako sa pagkain ko kelangan ko na rin tumakbo ng tumakbo

Roni Flores said...

sabi nga ng NIKE (hell, they make really good slogans), "you do not wake up at 5 in the morning, run, and feel bad after". :)

gillboard said...

noted. specially with the stretching. i think that needs to be done before any strenuous activity.

and i especially agree with running for a cause (more on personal cause than social). this is one's motivator.

Run4Change said...

Hi Rah! :)

Here are the unofficial race results from the Bedan Animo Run. http://www.itemhoundcorp.com/sanbedaanimorun2011/

Thank you for joining! See you at the finish line :)

- Run4Change

Glenn Kun said...

Grabe, masarap ang tumakbo kahit gaano pa kalayo. basta may nagbibigay sa iyo ng perseverance. kung may kasama ka pa lalo. :"> 3k ang first and last run ko sa MOA.