27 July 2011

Movie Review: Captain America: The First Avenger

  1. "Steve Rogers / Captain America: Why me?
  2. Dr. Abraham Erskine: Because a weak man knows the value, of strength. Knows the value, of power"

There's a storm signal number 2 and classes have been suspended. Sweet Pea and I decided to watch Captain America: The First Avenger starring Chris Evans who was Human Torch in Fantastic Four. (Talk about recycling movie characters.)

Set on old World War II nostalgia, the story was about a guy whose life long dream was to be a soldier. All he ever wanted was a chance to serve his country, but because he was short and lanky, he gets rejected by the Army. 

certain high-ranking government scientist saw his courage and determination and decided to give him a chance. He was subsequently chosen to become a subject of an underground government experiment turning him into the Captain America we know.

His enemy Red Skull was supposed to help Hitler conquer the world, but having found power himself, he decided to take over the world himself. The rest of the of the story revolved around how Captain America inspired and led US soldiers to be courageous in war.

I am not a fan of Captain America, I don't read his comics or follow his adventures. Maybe that's the reason why I don't have a standard on how his role should be portrayed. Honestly, Captain America wasn't all that bad, but I think the movie lacks the necessary edge to excite the mind of its viewers. It's not child- friendly, neither is it friendly to "people-who-don't-know-much" about Captain America. The story just isn't that interesting enough -- and the special effects - there's really nothing that I haven't seen before.


khantotantra said...

papanoorin ko pa lang sya mamaya after shift. last full show siguro sa eastwood :p

since wala akong alam sa story ni capt.a, wala rin me standards and comparisons :p

gillboard said...

cap is actually a boring character. he's one of the few super heroes who sees things in black and white. there are no shades of gray with him unlike other super heroes.

i'll still watch it, even if the after-credit avengers teaser has been all over youtube the last few days.

Charles said...

come sunday i'll get to see it also. sana di kasing lousy ng green lantern...

Leah said...

I'm going to watch this movie.. Kasi sabi, naungusan daw nito ang HP7 sa box office. And I'm an HP fan.. Hmm.. Mapanood nga yan. :P

cseamus said...

As a Marvel fan, the movie quite nailed the origin of Cap. Mejo tweaked lang and sinama narin ang Hydra. Hydra was actually formed years after WWII in Marvel continuity. They also combined different Red Skulls into one character. (There's actually 3 Red Skulls, 1 a Nazi, a communist, and one who killed the parents of Peter Parker)

As for special effects, you have to note that half of the movie, they are using a CGI body of a petite Chris Evans. That for me is new.

I also like their take on how Cap was first a War Mascot and they showed him drawing, (in present day, his civilian identity is a comic book artist). The movie also did not focus on other nations fighting against the Allied forces, it just focused on U.S. vs. Hydra.

The origin story of Cap is boring yes, as it was conceived in the 40's. But the real drama in the comics is the life of man out of time, missing 70+ years of his life and interacting with the grandkids of his friends. The movie did not capture that, only in the ending.

I hope they don't screw up the Avengers movie. The trailer at the end of the movie is really something. First time in movie history that 4 franchises will meet in one epic movie.

cseamus said...

@gillboard, Cap actually sees things differently and has very high compassion if compared to other heroes. You might be referring to Tony Stark in seeing just black and white. If you followed the whole Civil War saga, (add the Secret Wars and Onslaught Saga and Dark Avengers), Cap is actually Marvel's version of DC's big blue boy scout but really is just out of time.

*Bucky also isn't dead. He will live as the Winter Soldier, and after Steve Roger's death, will assume the role of Capt.America.

rah said...

wow bro! galing ng pagka analyze mo, I never saw it that way. Maybe you can do a full review of the movie, since I think your in a better position to critique it.

Yes, I've got to admit, ok yung cgi na pumayat siya. Although, at first I thought ibang tao yung payat na guy.

Nung may narinig ako na si Cap is just a solidier on "steriods" - I said, oo nga noh, possible. Comments like that are unti climactic. Ang hirap hindi isipin.