09 July 2011

My Oval

Credit: Words and photos by Jodan Valle. Originally posted Thursday, July 7, 2011 at 9:14am here.

This is where I was first invited to run

This is where I said, yes ok I'll run

This is where I took my first step

This is where I realized there is more to running than just being stuck on a treadmill

This is where I thought of leaving a bad habit

This is where I found my inner peace

This is where I always challenge my body to beat my mind

This is where I felt real pain

This is where I felt that I deserved every meal I ate

This is where I'm sure nobody cares about how I look

This is where I learned nothing is impossible

This is where I learned there are no shortcuts

This is where I shouted at myself... don't quit Fatass!!

This is where I always see a great future ahead of me

This is where I learned to just go straight forward and never look back

This is where I learned to focus on my goals

This is where I made my legs a weapon of choice

This is where I learned the importance of respect

This is where I knew I gained people's respect

...have you ever seen a guy diagnosed by 3rd degree obesity running 5 straight rounds (11KM) for 1:15hrs?


End note: I am very proud of my friend Jodan for making that choice. That oval is really something! I also thank him for being an inspiration to others. Keep it up Jodaman. You're the man!


hArTLeSsChiq said...

very inspiring post :) thank you for posting this one...

wella said...

wow..great post and great story..

Sendo said...

wow...nainspire ako to run .....consistently ^^... if i would, it would be another life-changing story, just as how it has been for jordan. great!

Anonymous said...


pusang kalye said...

seryus?na-achieve nya yan tru jogging lang? inspiration nga.takes a lot of will to do that.ako nga sumasakit lagi likod ko sa kakaupo sa harap pc but I cant drag myself to go to the gym.ouch

pmm012 said...

my oval as well..

glentot said...

Wow. I have nothign against fat people (it's not their fault that they're fat, and if it is, it's their choice) but your friend really did well. Congrats.

Roni Flores said...

wow. what an inspiration. :) thanks for sharing his story! :)