31 August 2011

Running on a Rainy Wednesday

I had been staring at my books for hours. I had a lot of things in my mind. I had a lot of things to finish, but I couldn't seem to figure out how to.

I wanted to run, but it's raining.

I arranged my "things to do" in order, I told myself, "I'll be back." I messaged friends if they wanted to run, jog, whatever, I received no reply.

I changed to my black jersey and shorts; laced my shoes and decided to run even if it's raining.
I didn't know where to go.

I ran until reached the next block. When I got there, I decided to run until I reach Aurora Boulevard. When I got there, I decided to run until Ateneo, when I got there, I decided to run until I reach UP. When I got to UP, I decided to run around the Acad Oval Twice.

Bumili ako ng Gatorade, tapos bumili ako ng footlong sa gitna ng AS at FC. Kulang ang pera ko, pero buti nalang mabait si manong, pumayag siyang ibenta ang footlong kahit kulang pera ko.

Then I decided to run back home again. I can't do it anymore.
Ang layo na nang natakbo ko.

Sumakay ako ng jeep pauwi, buti nalang may nakaipit na pera sa brip ko.
When I got home, I finished my assignments. Solutions to my problems started showing themselves.

29 August 2011

A Rainy Date at Makati


Makati. Sunday. Around 5 p.m.

Inside the keb.

"The best. Nakaka-in-love."

Shopping.  Forever 21

Like a scene from Resident Evil.

26 August 2011

Our Running Shoes of Choice

New Balance -- the brand of running shoes we (Seamus, Jodan, and I) really love!
Today, good run at Marikina Sports Center Track Oval.
Breakfast at Tapsi ni Vivian, Anonas.

20 August 2011

Bimby and Klowee

(Klowee and Bimby) It's nice to know the kids are finally getting along.

15 August 2011

On Monthsery Gifts

Akala ko I would surprise Sweetpea sa monsewy gift ko sa kanya,

 it turns out - ako ang nasurprise niya :)  Thank you berry much boo! Super sweet ng gift mo sakin, so yummy :D Hindi ako sanay, cheapo lang kasi ako.

We ordered our favorite pizza, Calda Pizza and studied for midterms thereafter. Study date :D

I love you, Boo. Mwah :D :D :D

11 August 2011

Running Kahit Na-Ulan

I went on with my usual run even if it was raining. I don't understand why kung kailan ako tatakbo, saka naman laging umuulan. But it's ok. It doesn't matter if it rains.  "Life isn't always sunny." - That, I understand.

05 August 2011

On Running Injury Free

Kunwari naman daw stolen shot.
I usually just jog in the morning. I wake up at five a.m. and hit the road, but I haven't run for two weeks now because of the bagyo. I've tried running with bagyo before and I realized how dangerous it can get. Ang dulas ng kalsada, risk pa na magkasakit.

Another cause of a down time in my running was a slight soreness behind my right knee commonly know as  the runner's knee. Runner's knee (also known as patellofemoral pain syndrome) is usually caused by weakness in the middle quadriceps muscles and tight hamstrings or IT bands. Those who overpronate (your feet roll inward) when they run are also at risk. I see to it that I don't run whenever I feel there's something wrong with my body. If one is running injured, chances are, one will get more injured.

Change costume
If I feel there's something wrong with any part of my body, I stop running and allow my body to heal. Running injury free is my priority. It doesn't make sense pushing my self to my limits and end up getting injured. Injury is down time - I don't want that to happen.

I think my month old Nike LunarFly2 might have contributed to my runner's knee because of the high arch of its insoles. While the LunarFly2 looks stylish, the outer soles easily wear off. Oo nga puwede i-pang japorms, but definitely, its style doesn't meet the performance and comfort a regular fitness runners need. I am still in the process of breaking in my New Balance 563. So far, my impression: I am satisfied with its performance. It's presenting itself as a slave I can use, abuse, and enjoy.

Game face. Tara jog tayo sa umaga. :)
After two weeks, my runner's knee has healed. So, when I saw the sun this afternoon (first time in many days), I changed to my running costume and hit the road for a round of a jog. I really missed jogging. The difference between running in the afternoon and morning is that in the afternoon - ang dami ng tao sa kalsada. Sometimes gusto kong sabihin sa kanila, "Tara jog tayo! :)



02 August 2011

Klowee Our New Pet

Welcome to the family, Klowee the Kat!