04 September 2011

Takbo Turned Tsibog

jogging with avril cartoon
We were ready to run. At 4:30pm we decided to go to UP, hear mass, and then hit the road.

 At 5:30, after the mass ended,  the sky was so dark, the rain poured so hard
that running became impossible.

We wouldn't have mind getting wet, except for the fact that our bag wasn't waterproof and that
we couldn't leave it anywhere.

Running for fitness, instead, turned into food trip. We went to UP Shopping Center to buy
every food that our hearts desired:  manga, mais, bitcho bitcho, fruits in ice cream, fruit shake, etc.

It was too late when we realized that we didn't have money to commute back home anymore.
We spent all our money on food. :(

We called home para magpasundo.


Will said...

As long as konti ang calories ng food trip niyo, di masasayang ang run. Hehehe.

rah said...

@will good luck nalang samin puro pang pataba at matamis kinain namin. haha

Anonymous said...

Aww... okay lang yan. Minsan, masaya ding kumain nang todo... pig out talaga.. Lols..

Bawi na lang sa next run.. Burn the calories. :)

khantotantra said...

minsan lang naman ang foodtrip ninyo kaya siguro oks for health naman. :D

Karl said...

appendicitis naman aabutin nyo if tumakyo kayo pauwi hehe. sana you ran first then ate at tsaka nagcommute. anyway, masarap talaga mag-food trip.

gillboard said...

we need to indulge sometimes

krn said...

ang kyut. :D