20 October 2011

Feature: A Surprising Study on What Motivates Us

Study shows that there are three (3) factors that lead to better performance:

1) Autonomy - it is our desire to be self directed.
2) Mastery - our urge to get better at stuff.
3) Purpose - ... making the world a little bit better.

Enjoy and share.


Jag said...

the vid is unbelievably interesting :)

Thanks for sharing!

khantotantra said...

alam mo rah..... gusto ko tong vid na to.

i popost ko sa pesbuk. pashare. :D

Stone-Cold Angel said...

nice video... now I'm starting to think that I should resign soon...

and make my own company with this ideology...

thanks for sharing.

cseamush said...

great video. thanks for sharing.

unfortunately, autonomy, mastery, and purpose, however ideal and simple they are, aren't always followed. it may be applicable in rich countries. but here?

first, laging may greed. in a developing country like ours, greed parin ang motivation. i don't get it myself why people who have everything would want to take advantage more of people who have less.

second, may mga anomalies. i myself have found out that there are people who don't want self-improvement and people who don't live with a purpose.

some are just content with their skills, talents, appearance, degrees, etc. no more drive to excel further.

there are those who don't give a damn if the children are dying in africa, or the glaciers in antartica are melting, as long as, they earn.

sad but true.