01 October 2011

Happy Birthday Tatay

September 27.

Happy Birthday Tatay!

My Tatay and I two decades ago. Time flies so fast.
 When I showed you this picture, you smiled and laughed.
I know you saw the future in my eyes.

Birthday Bash at Tatay's office.  

We hope you enjoyed the special surprise we prepared for you. :)




khantotantra said...


habertdei sa tatay mo sir rah :D

gillboard said...

happy birthday to your tatay!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your tatay.. ;)

Charles said...

endearing naman ng post. proud si tatay sa yo nyan

krn said...

Happy birthday to your dad! May pinagmanahan. Hehehe. :)

PS: Si Kitchie Nadal ang kumanta. Her version of Ligaya. :D How did you steal it? I'm wondering... ;)

Glenn Kun said...

aw. belated happy bday sa dad mo rah. :D ganda ng katabi ng dad mo ha. hehehe