27 October 2011

Training for Chevrolet-New Balance Power Run 2011

Although I tried to wake up early today, I just couldn't. It's probably because my body wanted to recover all the puyat it had studying for the exams the previous days. So I just decided to run in the afternoon, which is quite unusual for me.
Afternoon runs at UP. Where's everyone?

Since I don't have anyone to run with, I just ran with my shadow. "Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual's conscious life, the blacker and denser it is." It may be one's link to more primitive animal instincts, which are superseded during early childhood by the conscious mind." "In spite of its function as a reservoir for human darkness... the shadow is the seat of creativity. So that for some, it may be, 'the dark side of his being, his sinister shadow (which) represents the true spirit of life..." - Carl Jung

I am not alone after all. Jogging with "THE SHADOW."

Sun sets at UP.
After my jog, I went home straight to take a shower. The next thing that was on my mind was to go to Shang  New Balance store. On my way there,  I stumbled upon a drink stand that I have missed so much - Quickly!

Wala paring kupas.
Of course, I bought my ever so favorite Taro Ice, which they now call Super Taro Ice.
Tastes oh so yummy. Honest to goodness. No frills.

Then, I went to the NB store to register for the New Balance Power Run 2011 right away...
NB Store in Shangri-Ladida

After registering, I get the bag that contains all that I need for race day. 
The bag the contains everything I need for the race.

Running shirt

1000 Php shoe discount. Too bad the discount is only until 6 November. But no worries, a small stub right there in the corner gives 20 per cent off until the year ends. Great deal parin.

My race bib with timing chip. Also a raffle stub, for a chance to win a Chevrolet car!

Rules rules rules.

NB shoes galore.  Good thing I didn't bring any extra cash. Buying running shoes is just too tempting.
The feeling's so strong.
I am a long time fan of New Balance. I like their running philosophy and the quality of their products. What's more, I think with NBs, you get your money's worth. I will buy another pair once I retire my old ones.

But what really made me decide to join this race is the chance to win a car! That's very unique in a race, getting a chance to win a car. *Fingers cross.

Of course, you just don't put your shoes on and decide to run a race. You must train and prepare for it. Training makes the challenge easier. I like how Manny Pacquiao put it, "The harder you train, the easier the fight."


gillboard said...

paid advertising? :P

good luck on your run, and your exams. :)

iya_khin said...

second the motion to gillboard..advertising?! lol

by the way how many pounds have you already lose on jogging?

khantotantra said...

nagtataka ako... pagnagjojog ka kasama mo din lagi yung dslr mo? may dala kang backpack or nakasabit lang sa leeg?

curious lang namn me :D

Leah said...

Naumpisahan ko dating mag jog/run, for 2 weeks din yata.. then came the rain. eh di nag-stop. Tinamad na kasi malamig pag umaga.. tsaka madalas umulan. hehe.. Excuses? yep! LOL

Naaaks.. Power Run 2011. Goodluck! :)

rah said...

@iya and gillboard, NB doesn't have to pay me. Masaya na ako napadalhan nila ako kahit isang sapatos. hehe.. nangyari na yon dati nung pinromote ko yung Chips Delight, nagoffer sila sakin na bigyan ako ng biskwet nila :)

lbs iv lost? I'm mejo marami rami na din. Very effective siya pampapayat. :)

thanks for wishing me luck sa exams.. i need a lot of luck :D

@khant, cellphone pics lang yan :) nakakaflatter naman na mukhang dslr pics siya para sayo. hehe

@leah, oo! hassel talaga yung ulan. Nasira yung momentum ko at schedule dahil doon. Tinry ko din na magjog sa ulan pero delikado. Dibale, pwede ulit tayo magstart anew. haha

Roni Flores said...

awww. i am going to miss this run. haist. sana meron ulit. new balance rocks!

cseamush said...

I thought Asics man ka na from your previous post? =)

What happened sa PowerRun? Di ba inulan?

next naman barefoot running bro, the best yun!