26 November 2011

A Birthday Surprise

I DID NOT KNOW WHERE WE WERE GOING on the evening of November 24, 2011. From Sweet Pea's place, we hailed a cab and told the driver to take us to Timog.

"Where are we going?"

 "It's a surprise."

I've seen Wensha's big neon signs before, but I hardly know what happens in that spa place, except for the fact that customers are given 6 hours to eat and rest all they want, and one hour of relaxing massage. As we entered, nicely dressed crew received us at the counter. They gave us our magnetic wrist band keys for our lockers. It's my first time. The receptionist could tell, because I asked too many questions.

The food was yummy, especially the Japanese hot pot. I like it when I'm cooking my own soup with my choice of ingredients. I'm surprised Wensha offers hot pot as complementary service, it's expensive in other restaurants. For dessert, there's unlimited ice cream.

Then, it was spa time! The massage was like nirvana. The massage therapist took care of all my stiff muscles. I felt super relaxed and felt super rested. 

After the massage was through, I met Avril at the lobby. We waited for twelve o'clock a.m. while munching dimsums. I thanked her for the wonderful surprise. It has been a long while since I my last spa.

Finally it's 12 a.m! Avril gave me a birthday card, a kiss and another surprise birthday gift - a hydration belt that I can use for running. At that point I was so kilig already. I wasn't expecting it.

Then we went home. Just when I thought it was time to call it a night, there was another surprise. Our house was dark, except for two candle lights. I thought it was brown out, until I heard my sister singing: "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday happy birthday, happy birthday to you..."

My sister and Avril prepared a special made to order cake with two candles - two and nine. It was so sweet.

The next day, when I got home from school, mama and tatay prepared a feast for me. We invited my titos, titas and cousins in a small salo-salo. A lot of friends also sent their greetings through facebook and text. Some old friends came to visit, too!

Super special cake from Avril. Made to order :D

as in super effort :) Every bite was like heaven. The star of the party.

Running hydration belt made by Adidas but from from the heart of Sweet Pea.

Hindi ko na kailangan iipit ang pera ko sa brip ko
while I'm running ... hehe if you know what I mean. :p

Can't wait to attack Avril's special cake.

My sister Angelica's super shrimp with her secret sauce

Tatay's specialty ginataang crabs. Super sarap, everyone went crazy.

My Tatay's specialty. Feisty spicy crabs.

Feast with family and friends

Avril's awsome surprise.

Liempo and Shashimi c/o mama and tatay

Good old friends visiting :) thanks guys, you remembered :)

"Where are we going?" I remembered my question to Avril. I realized that the answer to that question wasn't really a place -- but a moment in time. A moment in time I will treasure forever.  I closed my eyes,  made a wish... and thanked God, my family, and my good friends.


gillboard said...

belated happy birthday!! enjoy the last year you're on your 20's!!!

and the cake looks yummy!!!

rah said...

salamat pareng gillboard. :D

p0ks said...

rah belated hapi bertdey!!

ang sweet ng family at friends mo..pati na din si sweet pea!

saya saya ng bertdey!!!

khantotantra said...

sure ba yung candles? 29??? akala ko nasa 23-24 ka lang... demn. ikaw na ang mukang young!

habertdei sir rah... di ka na mag-iipit ng pera sa brip at magmamarks ang pera sa balat. lols. :p

Sendo said...

wow.glad for you. 29 na u hehe. belated happy birthday --still counts diba? ayos ung hydration belt ah...^^ let's continually be thankful of the people who around us ^^ God bless

Con said...

So sweet! Ang saya kapag may surprise ang family/ friends and special someone mo noh,kahit di bongga basta yung magugulat ka lang kasi di mo maiisip na magagawa nila yun. :)

theblacktwig said...

Belated Happy Birthday RA!!! Super sweet naman ni Avril. I like that cake too. Heavenly! And your last sentence, well-said. More blessings to you and your family.

My Nomadic Habits said...

belated happy birthday bro. buti ka pa may hydration belt na. ako wala pa rin at sana may magbigay din sa kaarawan ko ds month.

krn said...

You're so blessed for having sweet pea. ;) so happy for you.