17 November 2011

Farewell Lolo Pancho

An outstanding man full of talent, his greatness emanates naturally in his character. Everyone close to him knows he had an amazing way of looking at the world. He saw beauty in everything and expressed his love through art, fashion, music, and dancing.

I learned a lot from him, although my meeting with him was brief. He taught me valuable life lessons I will cherish my whole life:

"In everything that you do, do it with love in your heart and you will always find yourself in a good position. Whether it be studying in school, dealing with others, practicing your craft, learning an art, or performing for others -- by doing it with love in your heart, you will always find yourself in a positive light." - He said.

He also taught me the value of smiling. "Smiling  is priceless." - he said. "It creates so much but doesn't cost anything. A smile motivates and inspires others, it is always appreciated, and always leads to success..."

But I won't see Lolo Pancho smile again. He has joined his Creator in Peace on a good morning of 11.11.11. Just February this year we celebrated his 86th birthday in Bacolod together with Avril and her family. Nobody expected it would be this soon.

I will forever cherish the wonderful life lessons you imparted Lolo Pancho.

I pray Almighty Father hear our prayers for Lolo Pancho whom You have called from this life to Yourself. Grant him light, happiness, and peace. Guard him from all harm and give him eternal life in Your light. Amen.


Si Inong ay ako said...

Smiling is priceless!

May your Lolo Pancho rest in peace.

God Bless you. Keep safe!

rah said...

@ inong - thank you.

gillboard said...

my prayers for your lolo and all he's left behind.


rah said...

@gillboard, salamat po.

khantotantra said...

condolence sir rah

rah said...

@khant, tyvm.

ahmer said...

may he rest in peace. smiling's my favorite

sweet pea said...

i will you so much daddy (in agaw mo na ata lolo ko ah..hehe)

Anonymous said...

Farewell, Lolo..

My condolences, rah. Lolo Pancho's in a better place. :)

Jag said...

True. I agree with Lolo Pancho. We'll be more successful if we love what we're doing.

I know his in peace now with our Creator. My condolences pareng Rah.

Bien Venido said...

My condolences, Rah.

rah said...

@avril - sorry ga hehe may special relationship kami ng l0lo mo :)

@leah, jag, bien, salamat salamat.