10 November 2011

Lessons I learned Running the Chevrolet New Balance Power Run 2011

NOVEMBER 6, 2011, 4:30 a.m. The time has come. It's race day.

I prepared an apple, two bananas, and a cup of coffee for breakfast. I asked my brother if he would be so kind to cheer for me up for my run - which really meant, "Can you drive me to Bonifacio Global City?" My brother was so supportive. I promised him that he can have the car if I win the raffle, but before that, I must first finish the race in less than an hour. It was raining hard. I can tell by the way the wiper of our car was working. There was no sign the rain would stop.

There was another problem. I noticed a slight tinge of discomfort on my left foot. I don't know what caused the slight pain, but I was praying it's not an injury. When we got the BGC, I stretched my foot to loosen tight muscles while waiting for the race to start. I also laced my shoes tighter for better support. After more warm ups, I concluded my foot was fine.

I positioned myself near the middle of the pack to give way to the "more competitive" runners. Then the count down,  3...2...1...  bang! Game na! Everyone was running. I was surprised almost everyone was running so fast. It was like I was running for a 500 meters dash category! I was tempted to speed it up but I had to maintain my pace. My goal was to reserve energy enough so I can run faster halfway the track.

All of us runners were soaking wet. It didn't stop raining the whole race. Another thing I noticed was that a lot ladies were very strong runners. The legs of some lady runners were distracting -- or should I say inspiring. That's what I like about the 5k, there are a lot of sexy runners. 

It just came to my senses that it was already the last kilometer when I saw the 4k sign. "Gosh, it's the last kilometer, why am i jogging?" I walked for like 5 seconds to gather up may balls, then I ran as fast as I can towards the last stretch. At that point, as I expected, there were a lot of participants already walking their way to the finish line. I run passed a good number of people in those last five hundred meters. I was very surprised where I was getting my energy coming from. I always loved that 5k  last stretch "kick" (i.e. sprint towards the end of the race).

YES! I MADE IT! Finally, I crossed the finish line with raised hand, huffing, trying to catch my breath.  I saw my brother cheering for me.

After the races, it was time for the organizers to draw the winner of the car. Sadly, my stub was not selected. But that's ok, because I still felt a winner! I realized that I can do it! I learned in training and participating for this event that I can be a better person. When I saw the FINISH line, I realized  it's just the START of brighter things to come.


378429_10150905372705142_752015141_21516589_1411227237_n (1)
We were all drenched and wet. 

Just after the 5k race. I felt so happy because I've set my personal best time for a 5k.

I forgot my watch, good thing I can tell the time from here. 

One of the prizes: Libre, papayungan ka ng chick :)

"Lamig daw." Libreng massage from another chick. Haha

The car we didn't win. But it's ok, the prize was the race itself.


Artiemous said...

a lot of my friends are into marathon too. but as of now, i guess its not for me! :D keep it up, dami talagang chicks dyan.

rah said...

I felt the same way when I was still starting to look for a sport that I will enjoy. <ahirap siyang simulan, at hindi siya madali as it looks like. Pero makikita mo rin ang perfect na sport for you, you'll see :)

khantotantra said...

ang hot naman ng nagmasahe sa iyo panda. ahahahah. joke :D

congrats sa pagtapos ng race kahit umuulan at basa kayo.

ganda ng prize na car. sayans at di mo napanalunan

Anonymous said...

wow! a car!! okay lang yan, kahit hindi napanalunan.. Sa experience palang, 5k run.. winner ka na. :)

Naks.. at isang prize na rin yung beautiful girl na may payong.. haha!

rah said...

@khanto Thanks! Hot nung masahista, di talaga ako makaget over. hehe

@leah, model siya ng isang brand. I'm glad ok naman sa kanya magpapicture, although mukhang napilitan lang siya. hehe

gillboard said...

ganda nung chevy. and it's nice that it was raining. emo lang ang drama. lolz.

ganda nung other prize ha. :P

rah said...

@gillboard, palaki na ng palaki ang prizes sa mga takbo takbo.. pamahal narin ng pamahal magparegister.