07 January 2012

2012 Starbucks Planner

2012 Starbucks Planner
Two days ago I received a gift from Sweet Pea - the 2012 Starbucks Planner in spruce design. The planner is beautiful, but the particular planner given to me is twice as beautiful because it was given with so much thoughtfulness.

I stopped collecting Starbucks Planners two years ago because it's expensive and takes a lot of my time to collect the stickers. I just wanted a cheapo planner from National Bookstore like last year (which I ended up not using), so it really came as a surprise when Sweet Pea gave me a 2012 Starbucks Planner as a gift. You see, Starbucks Planners are not just ordinary planners, they are collector's items. Maybe that's the reason why they are a bit hard to get.

What's new about this year's planner is that the cover is made out of wood (And they are supposed to be environmentally friendly huh?), it's smaller, and comes with a coffee canvas-like pouch. It also comes with the usual year-round freebies at the back.

I like its sleek and simple design, but unfortunately, I also know a lot of people who don't like this year's planner design at all. And it's like that every year, two opinions: some love it, others don't. But love it or hate it, I guess Starbucks Planners are always interesting to own, use, or give as a gift.

Now I can plan ahead my schedules in style. Thanks again, Sweet Pea. I really appreciate it. Now, let me treat you to a drink. :)


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khantotantra said...

naks. kahit di ka nag-ipon for planner, meron kang SB planner. :D

Rence said...

Starbuck's planner is classy but i'd rather use a simple one

gillboard said...

didn't like this year's design. i preferred Seattle's Best's one better. :)

UnniBenteNwebe said...

wopppsss may SB planner..classy~!
last year bumili din ako ng planner sa NB jan~may ko lng nagamit haha...

Rah said...

@khant - buti nalang kamo hindi ako nagipon.

@rence - yup, yung kahit mawala walang guilt. Ok yon.

@gillboard - Mas marami din ata Freebies yung SBC planner.

@unni - same here. I don't know bakit ganon. Sa simula lang ako masipag. hehe

♥superjaid♥ said...

i dont use planner. masyado kasi akong malilimutin sa mga ganyan bagay. anyway..sweet pea's really sweet to give you such gift na pinaghirapan nyang makuha. =D

Anonymous said...

Uy ang sweet naman ni Sweet Pea! Bago lang po ako sa bahay mo. Padaan. ^_^

Meron po akong Starbucks planner last year na dinala ko rito sa NZ. Sobrang helpful siya. Gusto ko rin niyan kaso di ko alam kung pano makakuha. Ang ganda ng design!

CNA Training Online said...

wow planner... hmmm. teka... di ko na maalala kung kelan ako huling gumamit ng planner... nice.at ang sayo ay sa starbucks pa galing.. :)

kay said...

sweet naman ni sweet pea