16 January 2012

Running P10k at the Stag Run 2012:

Last Sunday morning I had an amazing time with my classmates. It's my first time to run with them. I'm so happy they are into running, too. I didn't sign up for the 2012 Stag Run: Takbo para sa Edu-Misyon, but it is included in our tuition fee. So whether we run it or not, it has been paid. Parang hold-up. 500 Pesos registration fee will get you a singlet, bib with no timing chip, and a free breakfast at Jollibee.

Ace, Judy, Raahh, Bong
I woke up early to meet up with my running mate Bong at McDonald's at P. Campa in Espana, had some hot chocolate and pancakes and from there we went to the Aseana City near the SM Mall of Asia where the race was held. We arrived around 4.30 a.m, but the race didn't start until six. Before the actual run, there were first, prayers, opening remarks, stretching, dancing, cheer dancing, at other things to occupy our time until the sky lightened up so that we can see the road. 

No timing chip, can't time your run.
We had a great run; although, it could have been organized better. One thing that raised our eyebrows was that after we finished the race, Garmin watches confirmed that the route wasn't really 10k but instead a little short of 7k. Kaya pala, I was surprised I finished the race at 40 minutes, only to find out it wasn't really 10k. It was misleading.

P10k = parang ten k, pero hindi. hehe
While I wish the organizers respected the sport of running -- by keeping a more accurate time, measuring the route precisely; and by starting the race on time, you have to put this race in it's proper perspective. This fun run is, first of all, a fund raising event.  It's not for the traditional consumer of professionally organized races. It's just what it is - a fun run meant  for charity.

I wish the fund they have raised from this event goes far more than 10k. I wish it reaches indigent students in need of education. I wish it will also support missionaries in spreading the Good News in the far corners of Sierra Leone in Africa.

There are no races anywhere near my radar soon, so I guess I'll get back to my daily jogging around our block. I'm slowly getting my groove back on. I jog everyday from our house to church then back. I'll tell you about that probably in my next post.

Thanks Judy and Sir Larry for the pictures :) 




McRICH said...

really need to start running again!!

p0ks said...

hapi neo yir Rah!!! kinarir mo na talaga ang pagtakbo no?! hihihi..enjoy enjoy lang!!

gillboard said...

by now, i think it's safe to say you're a certified running addict.


Chikletz said...

i need to get back on running. i've been in couch potato mode for the longest time.

khantotantra said...

pano yun, kulang kayo ng 3km na tinakbo

quin said...

if i run it will be for the benefit of my health and body!! lol hahaha buti pa dyan madaming ganyan dito sa amin chos wala!!

Ile Odarod said...

wow! running for a cause! :)

I will do that someday!

mar marilag said...

such happens when the Organizers are not runners or are not not careful enough to loop into the details of the race.