22 January 2012

Why I'm Running

with my running mate Bong
"The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start." -John Bingham

I run because it makes me happy. I will keep on running until the day it ceases to bring happiness.

Pouring out one's reasons for running is hard. Like a confession, it is personal. Some may not understand, some may not care at all, but it is my hope that in some way people will discover the right sport for them as we runners did, whether it's running or something else.

There are a lot of reasons why people get into running: to lose weight, to heal a broken heart, to overcome adversity, some run for fitness, some - a combination of different reasons. I guess I found my self running because of a combination of different reasons, too. But if I were to choose just one reason, I think it is because of this: "Running makes me happy." Whenever I see people running, I'm like a child in awe. It's like a circus show, a cotton candy, a balloon, and all the things that can make a child in me amazed and inspired. When I'm in a park, a track oval, a race, anywhere where people are running, it's almost as if I can absorb their happy auras. The happiness running brought to my life changed my life in ways I never imagined possible.

With my speedster cousin Donna
I was insomniac ever since I can remember. The long nights were endless and the mornings were torture. I was a zombie throughout the day and an owl at night. Through the years I've tried to cure myself of this curse. Milk, listening to soft music, beer, sleeping pills, counting sheep, nothing worked - not until I tried running in the morning. I resolved to buy the largest, loudest alarm clock at SM; I resolved to set it up at five every morning and told myself that no matter what, I will run. Running at a regular schedule brought my sleeping patterns back to normal, the quality of my sleep has tremendously improved, sleeping on time became easy, and mornings have become as beautiful as ever before. Sunrise. It is glorious. For me a single sunrise is better than a hundred sunsets.

Running also showed me what commitment is about. Before I was running, I was scared to commit in anything. I was afraid to pour in my heart into something. It seemed to me that every goal was the ultimate end. I just wanted to finish a task for the sake of just finishing it. I just wanted to be on the background. I hated groups, I hated organizations, I hated any institution that required sticking around. But when I discovered my love for running, I realized that commitment isn't that hard if you're doing something that makes you happy.

Air running and the runner's high :)
Just like in running, I realized that commitment isn't a goal but a journey. It is doing what makes you happy daily (with regularity). Just like in running, where the finish line is not the ultimate reward, the prize in commitment is the belief that it makes you a better person - the belief that you are part of something larger, a bigger plan, something really important, and you are happy fulfilling that plan as a journey. In other words, running helped me discover the beauty of living in the present, living in the "now."

Running has changed my perspective ever since. I started watching out what I eat. I started looking after my health. I started to be more understanding and more spiritual. Running trained me to endure more physical and mental stress. The sense of regularity and rhythm that comes with my running allowed me to think more clearly and more efficiently - which translates to better performance at work and in school.

God has blessed me with two legs, two lungs, one heart, and two eyes with a vision. Each stride is like a prayer of gratitude for all the blessing God has given me. Everyday at five in the morning, I wake up, lace my shoes, and jog my self to church to pray. Running gives me something to look forward to. Running pushes my limits, works out my endurance, speed, and gives me direction. There's nothing quite like it. I believe it is worthy pursuit - it just makes me feel more alive. Running is love that grows in time.

The prize in running in my book, isn't medals, personal acclaim, cash prizes, personal records, loot bags, running with celebrities, no it's not. For me, running is the prize itself. And having realized that fact - brings joy to my life.


McRICH said...

wow i could really see how passionate you are on running, and it's true, running is the prize in itself, for running makes you happy :) am happy for you!

Rah said...

THanks sir McRich. I guess, running just floats my boat :)

khantotantra said...

hahaha, isa ka sir rah sa mga dedicated runners. heheh. DI ko pa kaya tumakbo pero breeze walking pede pa. Feeling ko kasi malalagutan ako ng hininga pag tumakbbo ako :p nyahaha.

keep running ang let the passion fuels your soul. :D Go go go

p0ks said...

takbo lang ng takbo!!

naniniwala ako na pag maganda ang tulog..maganda ang araw..hehehehe

krn said...

It reflects to your aura. Very positive.

Happy Chinese new year! ;)

♥superjaid♥ said...

ramdam na ramdam namin ang passion mo for running. so nice. sana mahanap ko rin ang bagay na mamahalin ko tulad ng pagtakbo mo.

Rah said...

@khant, hehe hindi ka naman malalagutan ng hininga, sa totoo lang, mas titibay pa nga ang lungs mo. If you're interested, try mo muna walking :)

@poks, minsan nga lang hindi tayo nakakatulog ng mahimbing sa gabi kasi, napupuyat sa kaka umm. :p

@Krn, happy new year miss krn, ano neh, saan ka na ngayon lumipat na blogsite? :p

@superjaid, Mahahanap mo din ang sport na para sayo, usually, those who are seeking will find themselves in the wrong sport muna. :) just keep on lookin.

gillboard said...

the good thing about running is that it's not only healthy, but it's the type of pastime that you can do, na wala ka nasasaktan or wala kang magiging issue.

so do whatever it is that makes you happy. :)

CNA Online Training Programs said...

Hello Rah.. running is such a great exercise.. I like doing that especially in the morning. ;)

kay said...

I'm waiting for that courage to start ... I started with waking up an hour earlier, sleeping an hour earlier ... stretching ... a little body movement here and there ... eventually I will be dancing in the morning ... then I'm really aiming to start jogging, then running.

This is inspiring because ever since I can remember, I hated running.

Sendo said...

I feel ur passion too. I enjoyed reading this post. Inspired ako tumakbo...and gusto ko ring sabihin..."no matter what" in the things that i love to do. I wanna run regularly. And with the joys uve mentioned in running, i agree with it. So gusto ko rin tumakbo to feel it and eventually come up with more reasons to love running. Weeeh motivated me ng a little with this post hihi

Rah said...

@sendo, thanks for reading sir :) I think for each person, may perfect na sport na ginawa si God for each one. And you know naman, maraming benefits ang ehersisyo. :) Congrats sir for taking the first step.