28 February 2012

Panagbenga Festival 2012 Floats and Flowers Baguio City

Angry Birds Pig

Titser, ako si Linda Blair.

Starbucks Camp John Hay

Pretty Ladies

With the Nestea Float

Flower arrangements

Panagbenga 2012

Flowers. It's more fun in the Philippines.

Bong and Kaylee

Ghost stories time!

Float parade 9:00 am

Smart Float

Sexy guards make sure the parade is safe.

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ABS float


gillboard said...

nice pics from last weekend. i especially liked the first one.

i love angry birds. LOL

sorry, nadelay yung package mo. busy lang. give me a couple of weeks.

Superjaid said...

super ganda ng mga flower float..lalo na yung sun na nakasmile hehe

Rah said...

@gilboard, it's ok. take your time lang. :)

@superjaid, favorite ko din yon. :)

Makati Condo Rental said...

Ang ganda ng mga pictures, Parang naka punta na rin ako ng baguio !!