01 March 2012

BenCab Museum Baguio 2012

Flower Power at the BenCab Museum.

All the pretty ladies.

Crawling then flying.

Testing the waters.

Faces of Baguio

With the great artist Benedicto Cabrera "BenCab."

Just plants at the garden.

BenCab's Dog.

BenCab's other dogs.

At Cafe Sabel BenCab Museum.

Art Appreciation 101.

Good dog!

Balancing act.

Karate Kicks at BenCab Museum Garden

Murals outside the BenCab Parking Lot


Outside the BenCab Museum with Jalyn, Kaylee, Rah, Avril, Tessa, Jane, Janice, Bong (taking the pic).

Ang Lakas!


Bulols :O

Girls jump shot at the BenCab Garden.


Unni said...

wow baguio hehehe,, sana makapunta na ako ng begyow hehee,,
wow ang lakas ni sweet pea mo kaya ka,,,natawa ako dun sa crawling at flying na photo hhehe

khantotantra said...

naks, may pics kayo kasama si bencab. :D

Superjaid said...

katawa yung karate kick picture. haha at ang sweet nyo talaga. katuwa =D

p0ks said...

sa unang pics pa lang Lab ko na si BenCab! hihihihi

http://essayswriters.org/ said...

I gather that this excellent, multi storey concrete and glass structure was constructed without government assistance by the artist. it is a very good smaller gallery with sections including many mixed media creations, Philippine masters and a little erotica. The Sabel cafe is within. There is a great lake outside.