05 April 2012

Partying then Running

Videoke party the night after our midterms. (2:00am) With Helene, Karen, Avril, Abby, Jalyn, Kaylee, Bong, and me (taking the picture)

At 3:30 a.m - went home to sleep.

Then at 5:30 Avril, Bong, and I went straight ahead to the CCP grounds to run the Yakult 10 Mile Race.

It's my first 10 Miler. So to speak it's my best time at 16k :p

I don't recommend partying the night before a big race. :)

Thank You:
Angelica, for inviting me to the Yakult Run
Francis and Karen for the pics.


khantotantra said...

mas maigi siguro kung tatakbo kang fully charged at hindi haggard sa pagparty. Baka hindi makayanan ng runners.

Congrats for your achivement :p

Rah said...

@khant - I know right. Pero how can you say no to a videokeparty? Hirap.