21 September 2012

My First Painting

The Flower that Doesn't Exist

This is my first painting entitled, "The Flower that Doesn't Exist." I used Acrylic as medium. I just painted an imaginary flower in my head. It turned out pretty interesting. A hybrid of Birds of Paradise and Gumamela, perhaps? I have a lot yet to learn about painting - the techniques, the styles, the fundamentals, and all that jazz, but this first painting of mine for Sweet Pea will always be special.

update October 1, 2012:

I also saw this:

Thanks SweetPea

Painting on the floor.

Some finishing touches.

16 September 2012

How to Save a Life of an Arowana

Step one, you buy an aquarium, a big one. You persuade your folks that owning an arowana is a necessity because it brings luck and good fortune.

Step two, you bring the new arowana you just bought from the local pet shop to her new aquarium. You name her "Rowena the arowana." You make sure she doesn't get hungry. You change the aquarium water often. You buy her favorite fresh shrimps as treat just for being a good pet. She's so cute, just 6 inches long. You can see it in her eyes, Rowena is happy.

Step three, you admire your arowana morning and night. Time flies so fast, you don't realize it has been six years since Rowena the arowana first swam into your life. She turns into a 20 inch big fish. Rowena is the eye of the household, she's a witness to a lot of birthdays, Christmases, New Years, etc. You probably weren't there, but the Rowena saw everything.

Step four, you get busy along the way. Sometimes procurement of staple fish necessities become delayed and aquarium water changes become postponed.

Step five, a few days later you find your arowana having a hard time swimming. Her movements don't seem to flow. There's white cloudy stuff in her eyes, a bad sign. She wouldn't eat. You try to control the nitrate level of the aquarium by performing water changes. You try to feed her with her favorite food. You try to do whatever it takes to save her. You pray that tomorrow she gets better.

Step six, you wake up at 9 a.m. and you see a 20 inch fish floating lifelessly on your aquarium.Your beloved Rowena the arowana has just died. She's dead.

Rowena 2006-2012
Step seven, you ask your self, "Where did I go wrong?" Tears fall down your eyes. You just lost a friend. It would have been different had you known how to save her life.

Step eight, in your mind, a little ceremony, Rowena wrapped in a white cloth, all 20 inch of her lifeless body. You want her to be buried with dignity. You say a little prayer and thank her for all those years of bringing happiness to your household.

Step nine, you let her know how much she means to you and how much you will miss her.