10 January 2014

The Agony of Waiting for the Results of the Bar

“But wait there’s more!” -- That familiar home TV shopping sales pitch is classic. “Call now within five minutes to get this amazing offa!” It gets more exciting by the minute. We do not see these ads anymore. It is a sign. The end is near.

Breaking news: The results will not be released until probably – forever. In the meantime, you are either a workhorse or a drunkard.

The wait for the results of the Bar is an agony, decisions are 26% harder to make; food taste 25.2% less flavorful; watching movies seem 17% less appealing; everyone seems 23% fatter.

It is like being in a prison. And you know you are about to lose your sanity when you start asking questions like, “Are we alone?” and, “Will aliens ever visit Earth?”

In Waiting for Godot, a play by Samuel Beckett, Vladimir and Estragon waited endlessly for the arrival of Godot. Who or what is Godot and when will he come? No one knows. Godot’s absence has been ever since the subject of many interpretations by literary scholars. In many ways, the play is just like waiting for the results of the Bar -- your booklet is subject to interpretations by legal scholars. No one really knows when the results will come or what it will bring. In the meantime, you are suffered to wait.

Is life determined by chance? Are we empowered to choose the parameters of our existence? In the play, Vladimir mentions the Parable of Two Thieves in the Bible.

“One of the thieves was saved. It’s a reasonable percentage.” (Beckett, 8) To be sure, salvation history tells us that only a “reasonable percentage” of anything will be saved. The rest will be damned.

While on it, waiting also becomes repetitive and cyclical. The seemingly inability to act renders us unable to determine our own fates. We wait for something to act upon us. In the meantime: loneliness, isolation, pain.

Maybe all these public display of existential crisis are just a "surplus of our consciousness." I do not know how this can be solved.

Maybe, we should deny it and focus our thoughts on other important things.

Maybe, we should refocus our energy on other creative outlets like-- music, art, reading, status updates, 'food porn' and what not.

Maybe we should do nothing.

In the meantime -- selfie. Anyone?

02 January 2014

My Visit to My Hometown Tuguegarao: In Portraits and Landscape

Beautiful people of Tuguegarao 
Random girl who looks like my sister.

The Great Cagayan River. The longest river in the Philippines. 

Old lady selling a rare Cagayan river fish

Young lady selling corn at the highway.