06 February 2014

Dunkin' Donuts Bunwich Reviewed

I was walking along Anonas when I stumbled upon a new Dunkin' Donuts store. I went inside and my eyes were drawn to this sumptuous bacon, coleslaw, and tomatoes Bunwich. I drew out my wallet and voila, no money. I said "Wait lang, wait lang." to the crew and pretended like I left something in the car, only that, I don't have a car. I went to a nearby ATM to withdraw. In my mind, after law school jeez, poverty. I went back to the store and ordered my Bunwich. Can't stop, the feeling's so strong.

Your 90 Php will get you a coffee and a Bunwich combo. I unwrapped my  Bunwich and took a photo of it like a real foodie. Everyone in the store was like, "parang timang oh, why is taking picture of his food?"

It was as good as it can get. Fresh bun, tomatoes, bacon, and coleslaw, nothing more. 80/20. 80% of what it's made of  easily went  down my throat, the other 20%, struggled.

I finished the whole thing in 7 minutes. Now the verdict. I wish the coleslaw had more mayo. The bacon was cold cuts style, which I am not fond of. I still wish the bacon was more crisp.

Was it worth 90 Php? No. But with DD coffee that came with it, yes, yes yes! Wow, the coffee was superb. Forget Starbucks brewed coffee. This right here is the shit. This particular one is the best budget brewed coffee I've tasted. It also reminded me of how I immensely absolutely abhor Mr.Donut (San Sebastian-Recto) brewed coffee. Clue: four times yata nila sinasalang yung coffee beans, as in sulitin talaga hanggang wala ng pait. So often, yung brewed coffee na iseserve sayo  brown na. hehe.

So, that's it. New store, fresh Bunwich, superb coffee, watching the sunset while listening to Eheads and pondering about being broke and jobless. Wow, that bitter-sweet melancholy feeling, 90 petot lang. 


Anonymous said...

You're super funny! HAHAHA!
Will try DD coffee some time. Thanks for this Ra! :)

Rah said...

Salamat naman :) Pag ka try mo, libre mo narin ako, maam/sir. :) hehe

Anonymous said...

naaliw din ako sa post mo sir :)

more posts please!

tagal mo di nag-blog :(