06 January 2016

Plane Bistro Classic Fried Chicken

As a reward to myself for running 10 kilometers today, I went to treat my self to Plane Bistro which is located at the corner of 'Ped Xing' and Espana Blvd. I ordered their 'classic fried chicken' because, well, it is the cheapest, only 130 Pesos. When it was served by the lady wearing a flight attendant's uniform, I was surprised that it turned the heads of other customers. The fried chicken is the size of my fist. It is about as golden as a glowing pumpkin. On the sides are toge adorned with slices of carrots shaped like flowers. The gravy has what seems like swimming mushrooms. The rice resembled a white upside down cup. ■

03 January 2016

First Order of the Year - Go Back to Running

This year, my goal is to finish a full marathon on time. I had to give up running for a while to give time to my other life goals, like passing a grueling exam and finding work. But finishing a full marathon on time is still an unfinished business that I'm still dying to accomplish. I hope this new kicks  jump start my training. I have to run, endure, and be a better runner this 2016. I am starting today.

"I would rather be happy than dignified." Charlotte Bronte in Jane Eyre

Grateful for 2015

I thank everyone who had been part of my year 2015. It was a challenging year, but filled with extraordinary joy. In January 2015, I proposed marriage to Avril, the love of my life (she said yes!). In May, I was appointed to my dream job. I won my first case and almost all of my subsequent cases. While 2015 was not perfect, as fortune and skill was not always in my favor - I learned and stood up with every fall. May God bless us in 2016 and each moment of our days. Happy New Year!