06 January 2016

Plane Bistro Classic Fried Chicken

As a reward to myself for running 10 kilometers today, I went to treat my self to Plane Bistro which is located at the corner of 'Ped Xing' and Espana Blvd. I ordered their 'classic fried chicken' because, well, it is the cheapest, only 130 Pesos. When it was served by the lady wearing a flight attendant's uniform, I was surprised that it turned the heads of other customers. The fried chicken is the size of my fist. It is about as golden as a glowing pumpkin. On the sides are toge adorned with slices of carrots shaped like flowers. The gravy has what seems like swimming mushrooms. The rice resembled a white upside down cup. ■

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moredrafts said...

I noticed that personal blogs nowadays are dying unlike before maybe because of social media like Fb? Anyways, I like the ambiance of the place. Pwede pang instagram hehe