27 June 2016

Tom N Toms Affogato, Choices, and High Beams

It was gnarly hot. In my room, the fan won’t start because of some “power issues.” I decided to go to Tom N Toms here in Bacolod to take advantage of their aircon and their electrical outlet. I wanted to charge my laptop so I can watch reruns of Neon Genesis Evangelion and House M.D.
It started to drizzle as I was about to get my keys to MuXiE, our horse. Then, just like that, the sun shined again. The weather is getting erratic now a days. It’s a sign - the end of this age is imminent. Change is coming.
I don’t usually order fancy coffee and drinks, but for a change, I ordered Affogato at Tom N Toms. This coffee place has Starbucks Gangnam Style vibe to it. The baristas let you know your drink is ready with their vibrating “thing.” They do not yell your name pronounced in an ~uncertain way(?).
Affogato is simply two (2) scoops of vanilla ice cream and a shot of espresso resulting to a dazzling play on temperature and texture. Hot and cold, bitter and sweet.
It tastes just like our moral choices. How exactly do we make choices anyway? Isn’t it that what we have is a world of gray areas instead of black and whites, goods and evils? How do we choose between two competing bad choices, or two opposing uncertain choices?
Life is as uncertain as Conjuring 2. Last night, while I was driving down the high way. Some douche bag driver beamed huge lead lights directly to my eyes and by golly I was instantly blinded. I wish I had a huge mirror so that I can beam his monster light back to his face.
Should I fight this evil beast with merely one high beam? Or should I fight this ogre with a combination of high beam + fog lamps + hazard lights + cabin lights and my android phone lights, perhaps? Should I slow down, look away the blinding beam and focus on things I can still see - like the side of the road and the line that divides it?
To be sure, hate night driving is not my thing. Affogato by the way is One Hundred Sixty Pesos (₱160.00).