02 July 2016

Finding Dory (2016) Movie Review

by RA

“Finding Dory” is Pixar's sequel to the “Finding Nemo (2003).” It takes off where Finding Nemo left. Dory, a regal blue tang fish, lives with Marlin and Nemo in a happy a curious marine neighborhood. As part of her everyday struggles, Dory is aware that she keeps on forgetting things. She suffers from “short term memory loss” - which sounds cuter compared to its actual debilitative effects. Meanwhile, spontaneous trigger of words flashes back her childhood. She remembers her parents. She wonders what might have happened to them. She blames herself as the reason behind their loss. Facing danger and against all odds, Dory and her friends embark on an adventure to find her parents leading them to a marine institute in California. What she finds out there changes her life.

Story aside, Finding Dory’s animated graphics is a joy to watch. The details of the background and the characters themselves are astounding. I had to be reminded by my seatmate, Avril, to keep my voice down, when I involuntarily blurted “WOW!” in my amusement as the movie started to unfold.

Frankly, it is too much to ask for Finding Dory to surpass and out-do Finding Nemo in terms of originality, high emotional focus, and entertainment value. I don’t smell anything fishy in this regard. But, I think, the strength of this movie lies with how it was able to deal with issues like friendship, parenthood, and going through life in the face of disability.

I learned in this movie that there is a Dory in each of us.  And, while life may sometimes be a fine kettle of fish, nevertheless, there are people who are like Jenny and Charlie (Dory’s parents) who show us how loving, caring, and being patient can transform another soul. These sort of people believe in us when no one would. They remind us that despite life’s setbacks, goals can be achieved - if you just put your mind into it.

In other words, one way to interpret Finding Dory is to look at it as an introspection of our own personal disabilities and how it affects our personal goals in life. Each person’s goal is unique. While others may be eyeing more riches or more advancement in their careers, some goals are as noble as taking care of those who have less in life. Each step towards the accomplishment of one’s personal goal is a battle that must be fought. In relation to them, what we need is to be more tolerant and understanding.

It took thirteen (13) years for “Finding Dory,” the sequel of the “Finding Nemo (2003),” to come out. A lot of things has changed ever since. Even the voice of Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) has noticeably aged.  All these years, I guess it is only now that I am starting to realize what Dory stood for.

Perhaps, Dory is a reminder for us not to over-worry and overthink, but instead, to take action. Despite the dangers, it is only by taking action that we can accomplish what we aim for. Arguably, acting on her goals was the key to Dory’s triumph from the very start up to the very end. When life gets you down, “Just keep swimming.” This is the sort of Dory-ism that I hope to remember, even long after this movie has been forgotten.

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khantotantra said...

grabe pala ang inintay ng mga fans ng Nemo para sa sequel... 13 yeaaaaarz.