21 April 2010

On Saving Earth

People keep on telling the panda to "help in the efforts to save the planet." But Mother nature has always pursued her destiny. What she is experiencing now is nothing compared to billions of years of what she had to go through: great floods, extinction of almost all living creatures, great tectonic earthquakes, ice age, asteroids, reversal of the magnetic poles, etc. All of these happened without human intervention; she survived it gracefully and turned out to be fine.

Mother Earth does not need us. The universe does not need us. The universe did not create earth specifically for humans. Humans are not the center of the universe. Mother Earth is fine, so let her take her course.

It is better to focus on solving more humanistic problems like the problem of hunger, injustice, and inequality.   This is better than spending one hour of lights out and other arrogant attempts to save earth. Humans cannot save her -- but humans can make the most of saving humanity so that it may reach its fullness. That's what is  more important.

This is not to say that we should stop caring for the environment. Of course, we should care for the environment - to benefit humanity. But humans should be humble enough to accept the fact we cannot save the earth. If it is her time, it is her time.

First things first. First we save humans from anti-humanistic problems, before we can even think of saving the earth. We must be suspicious of those elites who use the "save the earth" campaign to personally benefit  from sponsors (like Coke and other brands) and as a theme for partying under the guise of "environmental awareness." But the fact is these elites, in reality, may not even really care at all.


pmm012 said...

we are not the only ones living in this planet.. nowadays, its not just "reach its fullness" its has been and continues to be "reach its fullness at the expense of other creatures and the environment. While you are right that the earth balances things out and takes her course, and yes, eventually something big will happen that we cannot control.. whats important is the "now", not what we expect will happen in the future.. are we going to sit this one out? destroy our environment until some big flood or an ice age happen? i dont think so. For all you know, that next ice age or great tectonic earthquake or the next big meteor will happen, long after your great great grand kids lived in this world, not having to enjoy the trees, clean air, wild life that we enjoyed, all because we did not take steps to take care of it.

Rah said...

@pmm012 well said. i agree.

Bobodawiseman said...

hahaha. nag concede ka nalang bigla?? you have two different points there bros. pero what the heck. live and let live.

mjomesa said...


sa madaling sabi...eliminate those puny humans.

"Release the Kraken."

Rah said...

@Bobodawiseman may sense naman yung sinasabi ni sir.

Ang point ko lang, hindi ko ata kaya na sumali na isave save muna ang earth (at sumali sa earth hour at kailangan ang light for one hour) or sumamasa mga animal welfare society, or save the birds and trees foundation, habang hindi niya muna inuuna sumali sa mga orgs or endeavors na inuuna ang justice, love, peace, equality, at iba pang mga humanistic na endeavors.

Pero for others. Kaya nila. that's good, hanga ako sa kanila.

Pero sa mga sumasali sa mga orgs na tulad ng protect the hungry dogs movement, na hindi muna pinpakain yung mga gutom na bata sa kalye, ehhhhhhh.... kayabangan na yon.

Rah said...

@mjomesa hihi, nope not eliminate humans. The universe has survived for billions maybe trillions of years even without humans. It doesn't need humans to be saved. But we should not eliminate humans. Humanity is the most beautiful thing that happened to earth's history

pmm012 said...

gusto ko lang idagdag na nabitin ako sa clash of the titans.. kahit si kraken, nag-emote lang ng konti tapos namatay na.. kung di lang maganda si Io at medto adik ako s greek mythology dati, hindi ako nagenjoy.. ok nman, bitin lang talaga..

Rah, kahit ako ay walang sinasalihang mga movement na ganyan, its the cause that i support. kasi kung hindi man magkaroon ng physical manifestation ang mga ginagawa nila sa ngayon, makakatulong din un for awareness, lalo n ngayon na madami n talaga ang wala nang pakialam kung san san nalng nagtatapon, kung kelan at san nila trip magkalat.. minsan, mukhang publicity stunt nlang ang mga ginagawang events, sabi nila, symbolic daw, ung iba, nakikisakay nlang kasi "in".. sana lang nakukuha nga ng mga nagpaparticipate kung BAKIT nila un ginagawa in the first place..

Rah said...

@pmm012 oo nga, ung iba kasi dito, lalo na sa place namin, ginagawa lang parang party thing yung earth hour, na wala naman talaga silang idea or pakialam. What a waste.