29 April 2010


Word of the Day

Mindless Meaningless Overrated Repetitive Pointless Game.

A game you play for no reason other than the fact that you are addicted or you're just trying it out. You play it and play it as your mind goes into a passive state as you click away and bash on your macros. The only "real" point of the game is to level up and strengthen your character as much as possible, and when you finally get it to the maximum level, hopefully you realize that you have just wasted several months or quite possibly even years of your life. It never gives you a sense of accomplishment because anyone can do it, you need no skill, no self-discipline, just a large amount of time on your hands and a couple Mountain Dews to pull some all-nighters. For some real gaming, play a console or PC game, which develops reaction time, perseverance, and maybe even a little hand-eye coordination. Even when MMORPGs get updates, it doesn't matter because the main point of the game is still just to kill more stuff and become more powerful so you can kill stronger stuff and become more powerful so you can kill even stronger stuff and become more powerful and so on. Maybe it's fun to play with friends because you can joke around as you play.

They're fun at first with all the cool, big worlds and fun, flashy attacks, but after that, it's just the power-up/kill stuff cycle. So please, do yourself a favor and at least realize what you're doing as you click away while in that raid. MMORPGs become more than just a hobby when you really get into them. They start consuming many aspects of your life. Get a healthy hobby like console games, or a PC game that requires skill like Counter-Strike or Starcraft. They have more of a point to them, like getting a however high score or something. Also, you can keep balance in your life with a console, it will work around your schedule instead of you having to work around its. You can still go outside and hang with friends and stuff while still playing video games. Consoles won't consume your life (well maybe just for short periods if you find really good games). It will be hard to quit at first because your mind will still be addicted to that MMORPG, but you'll soon realize how much better off you are.
Person 1: Hey, I just got a Wii.

Person 2: That's cool, I got World of Warcraft, it looks like such an awesome MMORPG!

(Six months later)

Person 1: Hey man how's it goi- Whoa! Dude, what happened to your skin? You look like a freaking vampire!

Person 2: Yeah, well I've been inside for the past 6 months staring at my computer screen. My character is getting really strong.

1: That looks unhealthy, man you should stop.

2: Never!

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hArTLeSsChiq said...

parang yung pinsan ko pala, adik sa RAN online... grabe kung gumastos, libo para mapalakas lang yung karakter niya.. tapos sa huli mahahack din ng iba.:)) tsk tsk

chingching said...

my niece, 8 years old, is sucked into those. i can't seem to get her out of it.. any advice?


Sasarai said...

nice ha! totoo yan! Well, yung kaibigan ko ngang super-adik sa DotA lang naman.. eh patapon na pagdating sa pag-aaral.. I heard from him na dati, sya yung Top 1 sa class nya (though he's from a lower section) and when college started, ayan na.. pababa na ng pababa, parang spaghetti! HAHAHA! Thanks for this entry that I've read, may panapat na ako sa kanya! MUAHAHAHA! ^_^ More power! :P

Rah said...

minsan narin ako naaddict sa mga role playing games. FarmVille, Numero uno ako dati dito, ang taas na ng level ko.

Naaddict din ako sa Poker sa Face book. Million milyon ang naging chips ko dito - pinamigay at natalo ko lang lahat.

Pero kahit paano, may skill ako na natututunan. Like sa Farmville, tinututruan ka niya maging masipag, magipon, at magtyaga, para sa isang goal.

Sa poker naman, tinuturuan ka niya ng empathy at strategy.

Pero, siguro nga meron mga games na walang skill na tinuturo kundi cycle lang ng pagpatay ng iba pang mga online na kalaban.

@ching Hyaan mo lang maglaro, bata pa naman eh :) at least nasstimulate yung utak ng bata. Hwag mo lang hayaan maaddict at mawalan ng disiplina.

@Sasari, naku po obviously matalino yung pinsan mo at wala siyang shortage ng IQ, yun nga lang mas mabuti siguro kung nababalanse niya yung accads at non accads niya. Kailangan niya ng gabay mo :)

mjomesa said...

lavet baby...

legendary meaning

khantotantra said...

ako adik ako sa mmorpg dti, since may work na, wala na akong time at natuto nalang na magtipid