10 April 2010

On The Good Life

Everything the panda does must mean something. It must be directed, consciously or subconsciously toward attaining the good life. What is the good life? Socrates once asked that question and hoped that one can direct one's life through an understanding that was distinctively philosophical, meaning, general and abstract, reflective and concerned with what can be known through inquiry. "What shall we do and how should we live?" This is the most important question. Any philosophy that makes us look foolish should not be trusted.


Michael Jay Mesa said...

share ko lang what i learned fron "Sophie's World" by Jostein Gaarder.


If we ask someone living on the edge of starvation, the answer is food.
If we ask someone dying of cold, the answer is warmth.
If we put the same question to someone who feels lonely and isolated, the answer will be probably be the company of other people.

But when the basic needs have been satisfied - will there still be something that everybody needs?

NOTE: This one opened my eyes. It's when we are satisfied in all aspects of life that we go deeper on something. We either succumb more on our selfish needs or we seek God.

Rah said...

Thank you for sharing this. I love this book. First year high school ko nung first ito nabasa, pero hindi parin ako nagsasawa. If you like how the jostein gaarder writes, you may want to read the solitaire mystery bro, sobrang interesting din.

Random Student said...

hehe foolish? medyo subjective naman yan di ba. some questions that i ask about life or about anything specific sometimes make me look so stupid. at least sa paningin ng pinagtatanungan ko. they release this sigh (not of relief) and respond in a condescending manner. but i want you to elaborate more on philosophies that make us look foolish. what is an example of that? (oh! there i go again asking a question) LOL!

Rah said...

Questioning is always good according to Socrates, "Wisest is she who knows what she doesn't know..." It's always part of seeking good life.

What are foolish philos? I think that's a personal question. I think personally, Anti-human philosophies like terrorism, extremism, genocide, blind faith, pyramiding scams etc. I think they are foolish, but I am not sure, I have to reflect on that one.