16 April 2010

On Mayweather vs Mosely

BOYCOTT Mayweather vs Mosely. Do not waste your money. Save it instead.  FLOYD DOES NOT CARE IF HE PUTS UP A GOOD FIGHT OR NOT, HE JUST WANTS YOUR MONEY. That is why he is hyping all his fights with all the trash-talking and pushing. 

He also did this kind of "entertainment trick" in the Marquez fight. He kept on pushing and taunting Marquez in pre-fight conferences, but he came to the fight night overweight. The fight turned out as expected - very boring. He kept on running and dancing and would not engage Marquez. He cannot  even KO Marquez when he had all the chances. Do not expect an action-packed fight in May 1. He is an entertainer (sort of like a WWE  wrestler), but he never really makes an effort to be exciting in the ring. He was boring against Zab Judah and Bladormir in 2004. We fell asleep in Mayweather vs de la Hoya in 2005. He cheated his win against the Marquez in 2009. 

He claims to be the greatest boxer ever, (even better than Sugar Ray Robinson) because he has an unbeaten record of 40 wins and 0 loss. But if we follow his line of fuzzy reasoning, then Julio Cezar Chavez Jr. should be the greatest, because right now, at age 24,  he has an unbeaten record of 42 wins and 0 loss. It would not be surprising  if medical science discovers Floyd Mayweather fights as cure for insomnia.

May1, 2010
(after the fight)

I told you so, it was a sleeper.


darklady said...

Ay ganon ba..hindi kasi ako mahilig sa boxing kaya talagang hindi ko sila papanoorin.hehehe

Anonymous said...

yea man, he is not a boxer but an entertainer. he is really just in it for the money. doesn't want his face bruised that's why he prances around the ring, doesn't engage hard hitters. i sure like to see mosley do some damage, even if mosley doesn't defeat floyd, a damaged floyd would do. but i bet this will be a boring fight as well.

Rah said...

@darklady sorry hehe medyo boxing fan talaga ako kaya, hindi ko mapigilan ang sarili ko :)

@bobodawiseman all mayweather fights are boring. We can watch youtube and see for ourselves. let's just wait for it to be uploaded in the net :)

Random Student said...

yup, let us not give the man the job that should be going to other boxers. no viewers, no match. at least no next time for him.