20 April 2010

On Burnt Skin

 It  really takes a lot of humility to accept that fact that a  burned skin will never be enough to forget a past mistak3. He is a twenty something man, reading a book on philosophy, eating his Chickenjoy with a can of Coke at the airport. His keloid scar from a burned skin in his left arm was as big as his fist. The skin was intentionally burned to erase an unwanted ink. Was it really that bad? Was it the name of an ex-girlfriend? Was it used to be an image of Satan but now he is a converted believer of Jesus, or was it the other way around? No one knows. Maybe he is happier now.


Yen said...

At least he knows that only God has the right to judged. Oftentimes we tend to judge people because of or visible eye could see.

Rah said...

I think God will not judge him on the basis a minor typo error. God is so much understanding than that. I sure hope he won't burn his skin to erase his tattoo, though.