14 April 2010

On My Wish List

If you are familiar with FarmVille you know that it has a reward system called "achievement ribbon." The game gives you special ribbons for unique achievements (like planting 1000 crops). The panda does not play FarmVille anymore. The game feels like it gets more and more pointless and stupid as the game goes along. Ironically,  the game's simple expectancy and reward system keep you from playing the game more. Consequently, it also teaches patience in achieving goals.

The panda adopts a similar reward concept by launching My Wish List. Whenever a sensible life goal is achieved by chance or by choice or whenever a wish comes true, he affirms it to the world.  He hopes small things like this can help him be more motivated in playing "the game" - the game of life.


Anonymous said...

If it's a game, then, we are supposed to win it right? But winning isn't really all there is to life man. Trying not to sound pessimistic, but realistic, there would be goals that you would not meet, there would be obstacles that you would not be able to cross. Lots of frustrations ahead for the Panda. But then, it really is not about winning. It's how you played the game. Bonus nalang kung nanalo ka.

Rah said...

My teacher when i was in grade school told me it's a little bit of both. It's about winning and playing the game at the same time. If life is a game, winning is the goal. If no one wins, consequently, no one loses. If no one loses, then there is no game. No game, no guts. No guts, no glory. Something like that(?)

Anonymous said...

true, farmville is like real life business..it needs effort, time, patience and a goal to grow...pag wala ng goal...wala na rin motivation to play the game

ako, abot ko na lahat na pwedeng ma abot sa farmville...kaya d ko na rin nilalaro..like u said..parang pointless na din pag wala ng goal

sana ma abot mo lahat na nasa wishlist mo...:D