06 December 2010

The Birth of "Dina" the Camera

I dub her as "Dina!" Her birthday is officially December 4, 2010, 4:00pm.
This  was the first picture she's ever taken (below).  Dina's second shot was an all black photo. By covering the lens, the seller wanted to prove there were no dead pixels. She's so fresh out of the box.

This was Dina's very first creative shot featuring Bimby the dog (above). Bimby seemed to have been hypnotized by an isaw.

Dina is definitely better than any point and shoot I have ever tried. Her colors are accurate. Sharpness. Oh yes she's very sharp. I promise to love you with tender loving care Dina. [O]


p0kw4ng said...

huwaw congrats congrats!!!

ganda nga ng kuha..pulido!! more pics!!

Anonymous said...

and you better not get this one stolen.

Ex Jason said...

naks namaaaan!

Rah said...

@pokwang, thanks, hehe pero tsamba lang yan.

@chikletz, hahahahha, oo... hindi na ako makakabili ng isa pang ganito pag nawala pa 'to. ty.

@ex jason, tyvm :)