14 December 2010

Date at Wah Sun

Wah Sun Restaurant is well known not only for their authentic Chinese food but also for their display of exotic animals. It is located in Palanca Street, Recto Manila. Few blocks away from the Recto lrt2 station.
Wah Sun's Facade at Palanca Street, Recto Manila, Definitely you should try this very unique restaurant.

It's a bird!

I've got an eye on you.

Patatim Rice, One of their specialties. At 280 pesos, it's good for 4.

Authentic Chinese Lumpia

Decendant of Jaws. This tank used to be filled with a community of silver arowanas. But the arowanas died because one genius crew decided to put tons of ice in their aquarium.

It's a turtle.

His name is probably, jake. Jake the snake. He's sleeping.

Jaws part 2. Good thing wala pa siya ngipin.

Sad fish, he probably misses his parents.

An ugly ugly ugly huge eel.

This eel is very long, about 3ft in length probably.

Just keep swiming... just keep swimming, what do we do we swim...

Iggy the iguana. He's shedding off skin.

This croc doesn't usually move, but when I was about to take this picture, he smiled. At least I think he did. Snap snap.

Iconic poster of Wah San, it's more than a hundred years old..

Sweet Pea trying to be friends with  the Croc

The choice of food in this resto is endless, ang daming nasa menu. :)

Credits: Photo of Wah Sun Facade by Carlos Celdran


khantotantra said...

andaming animals sa resto na yan.

Kamusta po ang luto nila, kung malapit lang yan sa lrt recto, mukang masarap puntahan yan.

p0kw4ng said...

hmm mukhang masarap ngang puntahan!! at mukhang masarap ang patatim rice ah,huhuhu nagutom ako!!

chikletz said...

murang mura ah.. pwedeeee...

rico said...

gusto ko pumunta..lahat mukhang msrap pati na ung shark hehehe

you know my name said...

parang nakakaano yung iguana. hindi ko matitigan. ewan ko..hehe.. creepy..

gillboard said...

you didn't take a picture of my bird. ulo lang niya nakita ko. :P

glentot said...

Yum. Nice to see your Nikon at work!