26 December 2010

Merry Christmas is not Happy Holidays

I get annoyed when people greet me Happy Holidays. It should really be MERRY CHRISTMAS.

"Happy Holidays" specifically avoids the direct mention of the birth of Christ to include all religious holidays. It denies that it is primarily a Christian tradition which refers to gift giving, Santa Claus, bonuses, thirteen month pay, and all the merriness that comes with it.

Happy Holidays should refer to the aggregate of all holidays whether Christian or not, like Rizal Day, Labor Day, and Araw ng Kagitingan, Chanukah for Jews and Eid El Edha for Muslims.  "Happy Holidays" has nothing to do with religious diversity, but ironically has everything to do with consumerism.

We should be clear that Happy Holidays is not the same as Merry Christmas. They may look the same, smell the same, but they are not the same.


khantotantra said...

true. same goes with x-mas refering to christmas.

Rah said...

hahaha.. oo nga. Unfortunately guilty ako for using Xmas all the time. Hehe.